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By JPRoscoe, May 25, 2017 0 The Latest

Star Wars.  It is an institution.  As it turns 40 on May 25, 2017, I think about how much a part of life it was.  As a child, Star Wars was the main conversation.  You could talk about other stuff… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, August 3, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

Vance Astro…a man thrown out of his own time and wakes up in a future that is laughing at his misfortune.  Charlie-27…the last of the Jupiter colony that is built to survive the heavy gravity pull.  Yondu…an inhabitant of Centauri… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, June 1, 2014 0 The Latest

In 1987, I still didn’t have a NES…but my neighbor did.  He wasn’t much of a gamer and it drove me crazy that he had the technologically superior NES and I didn’t (the family did not even have Super Mario… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, October 1, 2013 0 The Latest

  When you are young you are ultimate frightened of a lot of stuff, but you find yourself drawn to the scary things.  When I was young, I loved being scared by my sisters or pushing the head of the… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, August 11, 2013 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

There are tons of superhero teams but some hold special places for me.  In the DC Universe, two teams are really the reason I got into DC Comics.  One is the New Teen Titans…the other is the Legion of Super-Heroes…. Read More »

By JPRoscoe, July 23, 2013 0 The Latest

  Pac-Man…that is where it all began for me.  I was 4 in 1980 and would go to Hag’s Drugstore at 56th and Illinois in Indianapolis where they had a Galaga and Pac-Man machine.  I would pretend to play Pac-Man… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, July 7, 2013 0 The Latest

I am the typical movie watcher background.  I was born in the age of blockbuster…post-Jaws and with Star Wars just on the horizon.  I was a Spielberg & Lucas baby with Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies lining up for my… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, July 4, 2013 0 The Latest

This is the first in what hopefully will become a series of articles on some of my favorite comics, movies, books, TV shows, and even individual characters. For my first outing in the series, I will just explain my love… Read More »