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Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) is on the run for breaking the Sokovia Accords requiring her to turn herself in following… Read More »

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Clark Kent has travelled to Fawcett City to write a piece on the kids of the city who have no… Read More »

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Born of a human father (Temuera Morrison) and the Queen of Atlantis (Nicole Kidman), Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) has been… Read More »

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Crime is on the rise and there is only one man who can stop it: Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty)! With… Read More »

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The Joker has attacked Metropolis and this means the Justice League must step in…but where is the Flash?  Late to… Read More »

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In the heart of the USSR, a hero arises.  A boy finds himself gifted with powers and abilities and believes… Read More »

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The ’80s are in full swing and commercialism and excess is the rage.  When a strange crystal arrives at Diana’s… Read More »

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Superman (Henry Cavill) is dead…and his death has awaken something.  Three Mother Boxes have been stored around the world and… Read More »

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Gotham City has a problem with crime, but now crime has a problem with the Batman.  A mysterious figure is… Read More »

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When his parents are struck down by an assassin tied to Carmine “The Roman” Falcone (Tom Wilkinson), young Bruce Wayne… Read More »