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  It is December 31, 1999. The world is turning into a big party. When one of the most popular… Read More »

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  An illegal arms dealer (Samuel L. Jackson), a flight attendant (Pam Grier), a druggie girl (Bridgette Fonda), an ex-con… Read More »

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This is your mission, should you decide to accept it. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and a team of agents from… Read More »

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Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) has been disgraced in a big court case after being proven guilty of liable through his… Read More »

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Davey Osborne (Henry Thomas) loves games. His single father Col. Hal Osborne (Dabney Coleman) is coping with his wife’s death… Read More »

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Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) is back and now she’s being hunted. When her legal guardian and a couple is killed,… Read More »

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  Constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is called to the little town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate the recent beheadings… Read More »

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Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) is ordered to jail after being found guilty of libel in his journalism magazine Millennium article… Read More »

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Alice Hartford (Nicole Kidman) and Bill Hartford (Tom Cruise) seem to be the perfect husband and wife.  They have a… Read More »