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When Miao Yin (Suzee Pai) is taken for a sex trade ring, Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) vows to help her… Read More »

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Shaun Chi (Simu Liu) and his friend Katy (Awkwafina) live a rather subdued life in San Francisco.  When Shaun is… Read More »

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Lee (Bruce Lee) has been tapped to infiltrate the competition of international criminal Han (Shih Kien) for the government…but it… Read More »

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Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu) continues on his path but finds himself the target.  Someone has put a price on Ichi’s head… Read More »

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The legend of Zatoichi (Shinaro Katsu) seems to follow him.  Hunted by those he’s wronged, Zatoichi is seeking peace.  When… Read More »

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Nine challenges have occurred and the fate of the world hangs on the tenth challenge.  Outworld is winning and Earthrealm… Read More »

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Bruce Wayne has joined Shiva, Jade, Ben Turner, Rip Jagger, and Richard Dragon in Nanda Parbat to train with O-Sensei. … Read More »

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Something is killing people in the woods surrounding the French province of Gévaudan.  With multiple attempts being made to kill… Read More »

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James Bond (Roger Moore) receives a warning that he’s become a target of legendary and unseen assassin Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher… Read More »

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A year has passed since Zatoichi (Shintarō Katsu) fought and defeated the ailing Miki Hirate in battle, and tales of… Read More »