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The Creep is back with a bunch of tales of horror and macabre.  With killer flowers telling tales of death,… Read More »

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There is something evil living beneath Derry, Maine, and every thirty years, it rises to feast.  As children, Bill Denbrough… Read More »

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Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) studies blood spatters…when he isn’t making them himself.  Dexter is also a serial killer and… Read More »

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A fungus has taken over the world and turned the infected and dead into mindless monsters.  When Joel (Pedro Pascal)… Read More »

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The world is filled with mystery and monsters.  As Japan finds itself under assault from multiple creatures, reporters Jun (Kenji… Read More »

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On July 22, 1991, a man named Tracy Edwards (Shaun J. Brown) cried murder and accused Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters)… Read More »

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October may be over, but the horror never ends on BasementRejects.  A wrap up of the 31 Days of Horror 2022 on BasementRejects.com with links to all the reviews…good…gory…and awful. October 1, 2022 REMASTERED REVIEW:  The Walking Dead 3:  Safety… Read More »

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Karen and Gene York (Faye Grant and Michael Woods) are trying to have a child.  When it fails, adoption seems… Read More »

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Ten years have passed the Night the Sky Fell and the young survivors living at the Campus Colony have grown… Read More »

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Phillip (Dennis Weaver) and Laura (Valerie Harper) are moving to a new city with a new job for Phillip. They… Read More »