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The world is in danger.  A darkness is spreading over the planet, and only the heroes of the world can… Read More »

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The appearance of the tower of King Algol has sparked an uprising in the universe.  Across the worlds, fighters have… Read More »

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It’s time for a brawl!  The fight you have been waiting for is hitting the screen as all of your… Read More »

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Disaster has struck in a parallel dimension.  The Joker used Superman to destroy Metropolis and kill his pregnant wife Lois. … Read More »

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The worldwide fighting tournament is happening again.  The fighters are jetting across the world…each with their own motives of entering… Read More »

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Mishima Zaibatsu is controlling the world.  Lars Alexandersson and his agents are fighting to stop the organization.  When Lars suffers… Read More »

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Worlds are colliding!!!  Darkseid is attacked by Superman while entering a Boom Tube in the DC Universe while Raiden attacks… Read More »