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Ebenezer Scrooge is a hateful man.  He is cold, malicious, and cruel to those around him.  The holidays are the… Read More »

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Summer break is a time for relaxing, but Greg Heffley’s summer is about to get a lot less fun.  When… Read More »

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Julie James is trying to plan her future while forgetting her past.  She’s just been accepted into Smith but with… Read More »

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Witches are real and they are all around us…constantly plotting on ways to kill children!  A young orphaned boy finds… Read More »

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A young elven fighter named Brion has a mission.  He must return to his home of Brookmere where he and… Read More »

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It is 1973, and Devin Jones has taken the summer to leave his New Hampshire home to work at a… Read More »

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James Bond, Agent 007, is in the biggest game of his life.  The Secret Service agent has been sent to… Read More »

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Jaimie has no fear of the mysterious forest that borders his village and a love the animals that live within… Read More »

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The village of Aralia has been cut off from the Land Beyond the Mountains.  Now, a young elf named Landon… Read More »

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A human named Caric encounters a halfling named Laurus who tells tales of a dungeon full of riches and monsters. … Read More »