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Bobby McCloskey doesn’t fit in.  He isn’t as sporty as his classmates and his only real friends are the homeless… Read More »

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Greg Heffley has never been what you’d call “sporty”, but he has dreams of the fame, money, and popularity that… Read More »

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Jack Torrance has made some mistakes in life.  Battling alcoholism, he has a raging temper and lost his job at… Read More »

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Changes are coming for the Heffleys.  When Greg’s great aunt Reba passes away suddenly, the Heffleys find money is coming… Read More »

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Galen, his father Paul, and his mother Martha find themselves prisoners of the Dwarven Royal Guard who intends to overthrow… Read More »

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Linguist Dr. Ransom finds himself kidnapped and part of a desperate experiment by Dr. Weston and Dick Devine who are… Read More »

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Greg Heffley isn’t too worried about global warming.  Despite claims of rising temperatures, Greg’s neighborhood is caught in a deep… Read More »

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Lydia Lee is dead.  When her body is found in a lake nearby her home, the sleepy Ohio town and… Read More »

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A fox falls in love with a monk and agrees to sacrifice her life to protect him from demons sent… Read More »

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It is Christmas, and the Heffleys are getting out of town to change up their holiday.  Travelling Isla de Corales,… Read More »