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On March 12, 2019, federal prosecutors revealed charges against high profile and wealthy families who paid to have their children… Read More »

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At the foot of Hunter Mountain in the Catskills in New York, a special camp existed.  Camp Jened was founded… Read More »

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Craig Foster feels disconnected.  The documentary filmmaker feels that he’s lost touch with his South African childhood and his love… Read More »

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John Curtis Holmes believed he was something more and that he could go places.  John thought he was going to… Read More »

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Cocaine is the drug of choice for the upper class.  When crack-cocaine comes along at a fraction of the price,… Read More »

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Jacques Tati is giving a performance and everyone is invited.  With a circus atmosphere, jugglers, clowns, and performers from all… Read More »

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What is time and what does humans’ concept of time come from?  Is it created?  Is it inherent?  Can time… Read More »

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This is it!  When Michael Jackson announced a concert series at the O2 arena on March 5, 2009, he promised… Read More »

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Who decides what is acceptable and what should be seen by viewers of what age? What does an NC-17 rating… Read More »

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In a closed theater, a special kind of midnight movie is being shown.  Projectionist Mad Ron (Ron Roccia) has assembled… Read More »