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In Switzerland, a man named Louis Bernard (Pierre Fresnay) is assassinated, but not before he passes on vital information on… Read More »

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The Avenger is killing fair-haired women around London.  When a strange man (Ivor Novello) moves into the home of Mr…. Read More »

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Fifteen-year-old Holly (Sissy Spacek) has met someone who seems to do nothing but care for her.  Kit (Martin Sheen) is… Read More »

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Ben Harper (Peter Graves) while on the run from the law stashes his haul where he can hide it…only telling… Read More »

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When summer plans fall through with their teacher, Prof (Ai Matsubara), Kung Fu (Miki Jinbo), Mac (Mieko Sato), Melody (Eriko… Read More »

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Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman) and Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) are both troubled children.  Sam’s parents are deceased and his foster… Read More »

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A woodcutter (Takashi Shimura), a priest (Minoru Chiaki), and a commoner (Kichijirô Ueda) try to sit out a storm at… Read More »

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Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) has a dream of elected office. She tries to live her dream and has strove for… Read More »

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Irena Dubrovna (Simone Simon) has a love for the panthers in the zoo. When she meets a man named Oliver… Read More »

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A meteor crashes to Earth near a small Pennsylvania town.  Found by an old man, the creature inside latches onto… Read More »