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In a small Japanese village, a darkness has come in the form of possessed boar god cursed by a demon. … Read More »

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Clark Kent has travelled to Fawcett City to write a piece on the kids of the city who have no… Read More »

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An orphaned kitten in New York City meets up with a stray named Dodger and his crew.  Working for a… Read More »

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The Joker has attacked Metropolis and this means the Justice League must step in…but where is the Flash?  Late to… Read More »

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In a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a machine named B.R.A.I.N., a humanoid creature named 9 has awoken.  Discovered by 2,… Read More »

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Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) finds himself and his mother (Mary Field) living at his grandmother’s plantation as his father (Olivier Urbain)… Read More »

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In the heart of the USSR, a hero arises.  A boy finds himself gifted with powers and abilities and believes… Read More »

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Magic is real (or at least it was according to legends) but now technology rules the world.  Ian Lightfoot is… Read More »

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Strange things are afoot in Mossingham.  A UFO has been sighted over the side and Shaun and the sheep of… Read More »

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Loc-Nar is evil.  Trapping a girl at its disposal, Loc-Nar begins to tell tales of its evil and how it… Read More »