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Terry McGinnis finds the Batman mantle ripped away from him when Batman’s deadliest enemy the Joker returns to Gotham City. … Read More »

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In the Tama Hills, the tanuki (aka raccoon dogs) live peacefully and coexist with the humans that help boost their… Read More »

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Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey) is a miserable, angry man and hates everyone and especially Christmas.  Now at the request of… Read More »

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Miserly Scrooge finds his least favorite time of year is approaching…Christmas.  With everyone jolly and happy, Scrooge finds the rampant… Read More »

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There is a new player in Gotham, and Batman is being blamed for the murders being committed.  The Phantasm is… Read More »

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Something’s up with Jack!  Jack Skellington just isn’t his old self. The yearly Halloween celebration just has lost its fun,… Read More »

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A war has rocked the world, and in the crumbling Neo-Tokyo, crime and gangs run while.  When the Capsule gang… Read More »

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Dante has returned from the Crusades only to learn that his beloved Beatrice has died.  Dante’s action have doomed Beatrice… Read More »

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Steve Trevor’s crashing in the waters of Paradise Island changes the life of Diana of Themyscira forever.  Rejecting her mother’s… Read More »

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Elroy Jetson has created a time machine that sends the Jetsons back to Bedrock. Meeting the Flintstones, Fred realizes that… Read More »