HorrorHound Weekend 2012



Check out the event that’s becoming a tradition!

It is HorrorHound time again in Indianapolis and HorrorHound has brought some of the best together for horror fans.  The location on the east side of Indianapolis is easy to reach for visitors and the local is great for fan and stars to mix together easy while giving plenty of room for vendors and make-up artists a chance to show their wares.The star power of the convention is growing, and it is quickly becoming a must for the genre.  Go in plain clothes, go in costume, take your kids…It is fairly family friendly for the content if your kids can handle some scary people.  It is a great place to preview and pick up “new” horror that you might not have had the opportunity to see.

While most stars are fairly easy to chat with, snap a picture with (many do charge for charities etc.), or just to tell them you enjoy their work, some of the bigger name stars actually are much tougher to meet, and you will be waiting in line like with this year big pulls like horror favorite Lance Henriksen, Linda Hamilton, and Elvira.

It can all be a bit overwhelming and even I felt a bit unprepared and might have to return for a second view…if I do I’ll be sure take more pictures…if not, you are going to get a second “bonus” chance this year November 16-18th at the same location when Jamie Lee Curtis has agreed to come to speak to the masses…don’t miss your second chance for a fun horror filled weekend!

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