Gen Con 2012–The Best Four Days in Gaming!

I have to admit that I’m a first time Gen-Con attendee despite being in Indianapolis where it has regularly been held and it was a bit overwhelming.  I’m not the biggest gamer, but the sheer magnitude of the set-up of the convention can scare away a newbie.  What is amazing about the convention is the variety of games, the amount of people, and the variety of people.  Those who come to Gen Con are fully allowed to get their geek-on with no judgment.  My one regret was not being able to go on one of the big cosplay days (Saturday being the costume contest).

This year’s big theme was the 45th Anniversary of Gen Con which was first started in 1967 by Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax.  Dungeons & Dragons might have been the start of Gen Con but it so much more now.  The attendance level for the previous year was 120,000 and Gen Con estimates that they will have even bigger numbers this year.

The nice thing about Gen Con is that everyone can participate.  If you purchase one of the thousands of games available, you will never be short of players.  The event is surprising family-friendly and older players mingle with the younger generation with ease.  If you are a fan of gaming, you need to put Gen Con on your schedule for 2013…it is a must!

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