Wii Reviews

Wii Fit ()
July 28, 2012 -

Get on the mat and drop and give me twenty!  Wii Fit is here and it is out to get… Read More »

Super Mario All-Stars—25th Anniversary Edition ()
June 27, 2012 -

Mario and his friends are all here.  First Mario and his brother Luigi must rescue the Princess from Bowser.  Mario,… Read More »

Wii Play ()
April 21, 2012 -

Your Miis are back for fun and Wii Play is where they’ll find it.  Take a chance at a Shooting… Read More »

wii sports box art review nintendo
Wii Sports ()
April 15, 2012 -

Welcome to Wii Sports.  You and your Miis can enjoy a day playing tennis, baseball, bowling, golfing, and boxing.  If… Read More »

super mario galaxy 2 box art review yoshi
Super Mario Galaxy 2 ()
March 18, 2012 -

It is the Star Festival and Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser. Now Mario must set off into space… Read More »

de blob 2 box art xbox 360 review
De Blob 2 (, , , )
January 14, 2012 -

De Blob is back but so is Comrade Black!  Black has disguised himself as a priest named Papa Blanc and… Read More »

lego star wars ii the original trilogy box art review
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (, , , , , )
January 14, 2012 -

The Empire is in power, and a small band of rebels are fighting back against the tyrant forces of the… Read More »

lego star wars the complete saga box art review
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (, , , , )
January 14, 2012 -

From the beginning…see Anakin’s childhood, to his corruption and transformation into Darth Vader, to the rise of his son Luke… Read More »

lego star wars iii the clone wars box art review
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (, , , , , )
January 14, 2012 -

The Separatists are fighting the Jedi and the Clones are the only way that they can be stopped.  Yoda and… Read More »

dragons lair trilogy box art review
Dragon’s Lair Trilogy ()
December 6, 2011 -

This collection is a collection of three games…each reviewed below with a summary of the collection after the individual game… Read More »