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preacher season 2 poster review episode guide
Preacher—Season 2 ()
January 19, 2022 -

With the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) on their tail, the search for God by Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper, Tulip… Read More »

doctor who arc of infinity dvd cover review
Doctor Who: Arc of Infinity (Story #123) ()
December 27, 2021 -

When someone steals the genetic code of the Doctor (Peter Davison) from the files of Gallifrey, an anti-matter creature called… Read More »

tokyo ghoul season 1 poster review episode guide
Tokyo Ghoul—Season 1 ()
December 26, 2021 -

Ken Kaneki has a crush.  A girl at the coffee shop he frequents has been haunting his dreams.  When he… Read More »

father christmas dvd cover
Father Christmas (1991) ()
December 22, 2021 -

Father Christmas lives a tough life.  With an intense twenty-four hour job that everyone is counting on, Father Christmas looks… Read More »

punky brewster season 1 dvd cover review episode guide
Punky Brewster—Season 1 ()
December 2, 2021 -

Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) feels unwanted when her mother abandons her at a grocery store.  When she is discovered… Read More »

walking dead season 1 advertisement review guide list poster
The Walking Dead—Season 1 ()
December 2, 2021 -

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up to a nightmare.  Shot by an escaping suspect, Rick discovers that the world has… Read More »

reno 911 season 4 dvd cover episode guide list
Reno 911!—Season 4 ()
December 1, 2021 -

After a wedding countdown, Wiegel (Kerri Kenny-Silver) returns to work pregnant…but who is the father?  Spanish Mike (Oscar Nuñez) returns… Read More »

ray bradbury theater season 5 dvd cover episode guide
The Ray Bradbury Theater—Season 5 ()
November 28, 2021 -

Ray Bradbury is opening his shop of stories once again…and the horror and ideas growing more terrifying.  Earthlings invade Mars… Read More »

ray bradbury theater season 1 dvd episode guide list
The Ray Bradbury Theater—Season 1 ()
November 20, 2021 -

Trapped in the mind of Ray Bradbury, there are stories hoping to get out.  At his desk, Bradbury exorcises those… Read More »

cosby show season 2 dvd cover review episode guide list
The Cosby Show—Season 2 ()
November 14, 2021 -

The Huxtables are back, and it is never a dull day in the house.  Sondra (Sabrina Le Beauf) is in… Read More »