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Five years have passed since the battle with Red Tornado, and a lot has changed with the Justice League’s covert junior team.  When the Justice League is called into space to prove their innocence to intergalactic charges, the team finds themselves filling in for them while they are gone.  With Aqualad defecting to the Light and the arrival of an alien race called the Reach arriving on Earth, the team finds themselves facing the biggest challenge of their lives.

Young Justice—Season 2 aired from April 28, 2012 to March 16, 2013.  The series was a fan favorite and met with critical acclaim.  The season was subtitled Young Justice:  Invasion and was released in two collections entitled Young Justice:  Invasion—Destiny Calling (Season 2 Volume 1) and Young Justice:  Invasion—Game of Illusions (Season 2 Volume 2).


Welcome to Earth generic alien guys

Young Justice is a lot of fun.  While the first season did have a central theme and a great story, the creators made a big risk by jumping the story five years in the future.  The characters that you got to know (and love) in the first season where all different.  Instead of ruining the show, it added an interesting twist to the series and allowed the show to bring in some fun new characters.

The story of the Reach was a rather generic, but it was well done.  I would have preferred one of DC’s classic villains, but the Reach did provide a fun Blue Beetle tie.  With such development of the Light in the first season, I thought it was odd that they took a second seat to the Reach in the second season and wished they had been the greater threat.


Vandal, I can’t wait to wreak havoc in season 3…wait, what?

What really makes Young Justice work is a team loaded with fun characters.  If anything, Young Justice suffers from too many characters.  There are so many good characters and you want them to all have solo seasons…of course with only twenty episode seasons, that is not possible.  This season, I particularly liked the runaway children who (with the exception of Static who you could argue is Black Vulcan) were throwbacks to the Super Friends like Apache Chief, Samurai, and El Dorado.

I love DC’s animated universe.  Almost all the series are entertaining and DC smartly weaves them into each other.  Young Justice might just be one of DC’s best series, and it was a real shock when it was suddenly (and rather unceremoniously) cancelled despite the good press and awards.  There have been rumors of a third season of Young Justice, and I hope someday it happens.

Young Justice—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“Happy New Year”

2.1       Happy New Year! Airdate:  04/28/12

It has been five years since Vandal Savage’s attack on the Justice League.  Now, Young Justice is continuing the fight with a bigger team.  When Young Justice finds themselves caught in the middle of a battle between Lobo and a Krolotean.  As G. Gordon Godfrey raises more superhuman hatred toward aliens, the Justice League try to learn what the Kroloteans are planning.  Adam Strange reports to the Justice League that they are outlawed on Rann due to their actions during Vandal’s control and that Zeta technology was stolen by the Kroloteans, Young Justice must destroy the Zeta platforms on Earth and Blue Beetle realizes he can somehow understand the Kroloteans.  Nightwing send a delegation to Rann including Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Adam Strange.



2.2       Earthlings Airdate:  05/05/12

Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Adam Strange explore Rann and team with Alanna and her father Sardath to find the Kroloteans’ plans.  Alanna learns about the breakdown of Superboy’s relationship with Miss Martian as Gar deals with the loss of his parents.  As Young Justice seeks answers to the Kroloteans’ goals, they also try to determine what the six missing Justice League members Batman, Hawkwoman, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman did during their lost time under Vandal Savage’s control which led to Earthlings being banned from the sector.



2.3       Alienated Airdate:  05/12/12

Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy have returned to Earth and Miss Martian now knows what the missing Justice League members did on a planet named Rimbor…putting Earth in danger.  With a run on a Krolotean base, Young Justice and the Justice League finds that they are facing the new Black Manta…who is their old ally Aqualad who is a fledgling member of the Light!  The six Justice League members head to space to clear their name of their crimes.



2.4       Salvage Airdate:  05/19/12

The Zeta Shield is in place to protect Earth and now Earth is off limit to alien invasions.  Green Arrow, Nightwing, Black Canary, Jim Harper, and Wally West track down Roy Harper, but the clone tells them that he wants to find the real Roy Harper.  Blue Beetle and Superboy track the origin of the bomb used by Aqualad and find themselves in battle with Intergame and an Appellaxian…but find surprise help from the Light.



2.5       Beneath Airdate:  05/26/12

Blue Beetle finds his friend Tye is missing and searches for clues to his disappearance.  Ms. Martian, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, and Bumblebee are sent to Bialya to search for leads on the bomb used by Aqualad but find Psimon is active again with plans for kidnapped teens.



2.6       Bloodlines Airdate:  06/02/12

A new speedster from the future named Impulse has raided Mount Justice and inserts himself into his grandfather Barry Allen’s life…leading to a battle with villain named Neutron.  Cheshire and Roy Harper seek out the real Roy Harper in Tibet so Roy can be a father and get over his guilt of not being the original Roy Harper.



2.7       Depths Airdate:  06/09/12

Young Justice tries to maintain the illusion that the Justice League is fully staffed as a mission to Mars is targeted for destruction.  Connor and Megan debate their break-up and Ms. Martian’s new relationship with La’gaan.  With Artemis pulled back into action against Wally’s wishes, a confrontation with Aqualad could turn fatal…but looks can be deceiving.



2.8       Satisfaction Airdate:  09/29/12

The real Roy Harper learns that he was held by Lex Luthor for eight years while a clone replaced him at the cost of his arm.  Wally, Dick, and Kaldur’ahm hide that Artemis is still alive and that Aqualad is under deep cover to get to the Light…making Aqualad a target of Sportsmaster, Cheshire, and Young Justice.  Roy decides to get vengeance on Lex Luthor and goes after him with Green Arrow and Red Arrow trying to stop him.



2.9       Darkest Airdate:  10/06/12

Artemis is going undercover with Aqualad as Tigress, and Aqualad tricks Impulse into bringing technology into Mount Justice which allows for an invasion.  Mal tries to get close to Karen but finds that they are growing apart.  With Aqualad invading Mount Justice, Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Changeling are taken hostage…and Aqualad must prove that he’s not faking in a risky move.


“Before Dawn”

2.10     Before Dawn Airdate:  01/05/13

Aqualad’s gambit to get Nightwing information on the kidnapping of Lagoon Boy is paying off despite the loss of Mount Justice.  Now, a rescue mission is on and the Light’s alien partners the Reach are revealed…but ties to Blue Beetle’s scarab could reveal the truth about his origins.  A confrontation between Miss Martian and Aqualad reveals the truth…at a price.



2.11     Cornered Airdate:  01/12/13

The Reach have gone public and turned the tables on the Justice League by posing as good guys.  Impulse tells Blue Beetle that he will keep the secret that he turns into a threat to the world, but Blue Beetle has other plans.  The team moves into a new headquarters and finds that the Hall of Justice has been overtaken by Despero…leading Mal to make a big decision about his future with the League.


“True Colors”

2.12     True Colors Airdate:  01/19/13

G. Gordon Godfrey continues his crusade against the Justice League as the revelation that they have a satellite in space becomes public.  Blue Beetle gets bad news about his costume and learns from the Atom that he might never be separated from it.  Sportsmaster demands justice for Artemis and makes a break from the Light.  Psimon is brought in to deal with Aqualad’s mental condition after Miss Martian’s attack.  Arsenal, Blue Beetle, Robin, and Impulse moves in on a food processing lab run by Luthor…which leads to another run in with the Reach and a new ally named Green Beetle.


“The Fix”

3.13     The Fix Airdate:  01/26/13

Artemis learns Psimon has been brought in to “fix” Aqualad and worries that he’ll find out about their secret mission…as Black Manta vows revenge on Miss Martian.  Green Beetle reveals that the Reach are trying to identify metagene carriers and control the population.  Miss Martian tries to deal with her relationship between Lagoon Boy and Superboy but finds herself the target of Deathstroke and Tigress.  Nightwing is forced to reveal Aqualad’s deep cover as Miss Martian and Artemis enter Aqualad’s shattered mind.


“The Runaways”

3.14     The Runaways Airdate:  02/02/13

The Reach’s captured children decide they are tired of being studied by STAR Labs and plot a breakout…and turn to Blue Beetle for help.  Red Volcano attacks STAR Labs for Amazo’s pieces and forces the runaway teens to join forces in battle.  As Blue Beetle battles Red Volcano with his new and improved powers from Green Beetle, the runaways will find a new and unlikely ally.



3.15     War Airdate:  02/09/13

The Justice League tries to prove their innocence in space but learn that the Reach have taken control Earth.  At the urging of Vandal Savage, Mongul heads to Earth with his Warworld to end the threat of the Reach.  With the heroes of the Earth joining together to stop Warworld, Blue Beetle’s true allegiance will be revealed!



3.16     Complications Airdate:  02/16/13

Artemis, Aqualad, and Miss Martian finds they are running out of time as Black Manta targets Miss Martian for execution and Sportsmaster and Cheshire go after Aqualad for revenge on Artemis.  Blue Beetle covers his betrayal and hides his allegiance to the Reach.


“The Hunt”

3.17     The Hunt Airdate:  02/23/13

Warworld is now in orbit around Earth, and the Reach find they are having to step up their plans.  G. Gordon Godfrey turns on the Reach ambassador and accuses the Reach of lying the population of the world. Lex Luthor uses his runaway recruits to work against the Reach and sends the runaways to Warworld to rescue the captured superheroes…leading to a showdown with Black Beetle and a decision about Arsenal’s commitment to the team.



3.18     Intervention Airdate:  03/02/13

Blue Scarab is becoming a celebrity as the Reach’s influence on Earth increases, and the team is out to rescue him from the Reach’s control.  Miss Martian has a reunion with Lagoon Boy and decides she has to make a decision about their relationship.  A showdown with Blue Beetle and Green Beetle could turn the tides in the battle against the Reach.



3.19     Summit Airdate:  03/09/13

A meeting of the Reach and the Light exposes the truths of the alliance between the Reach and the Light…at the cost of the Aqualad and Artemis!  When the truth between the Reach and Light is revealed, the team makes its move forcing Vandal Savage to play his hand.



3.20     Endgame Airdate:  03/16/13

The team sets to free the Justice League from imprisonment as the Reach prepares to leave Earth…unfortunately, the Reach doesn’t plan to go easily.  It is the final battle for Earth, and the team might have to trust Lex Luthor if they hope to save it…and it might just cost the team one of its founding members.

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