Young Justice—Season 1

8.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Acting: 8/10
Visuals: 9/10

Great comic book TV show, not afraid to go geeky but also accessible

Gets a little slow in the middle of the season


Here they come…flying down the street!

The next generation of the world’s heroes are here!  Red Arrow, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash think they’re going to be in the Justice League.  When they learn that they have been chosen to be part of an official training program, Red Arrow leaves and the other “sidekicks” question their worth.  With each increasing difficult mission, Young Justice must prove themselves with the additions of Ms. Martian, Superboy, Artemis, and Rocket and show that they are up for the challenge.  The threat of the mysterious Light grows, but the biggest traitor to Young Justice and the Justice League might be right within their ranks.

Young Justice—Season 1 aired from November 26, 2010 to April 4, 2012.  The show was met with a lot of positive response for both the content of the show and the quality of the voice acting.  The show was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for its premiere episode “Independence Day”.


We’re Young…but it’s Just Us.

Young Justice is a bit of a misnomer.  There was a Young Justice comic book series which had most of these characters which ran from the late ’90s to early 2000s (it is where the lame name came from “We’re young but it’s just us” was said leading to the moniker).   Some of the stories in this volume were explored in Young Justice (such as “Misplaced” which loosely adapted Young Justice: A World Without Grownups), but this series mostly deals with the young characters and their interaction with the Justice League.

The stories in the show are great.  It dives deep into DC mythology and isn’t afraid to use odd and unfamiliar characters to the general audience.  Monsieur Mallah and the Brain?  Klarion the Witch-Boy?  Most people won’t know these characters, but the writers tie them in nicely.  The story also has tons of continuing plotlines which all come to a head in the penultimate episode before mostly being resolved in the finale…still leaving the viewers wanting even more!


You light up my life!

I do like the show, but with a 26 episode season stretched out so long, it did drag a bit in the middle.  I was concerned that it was all going to turn into a big Darkseid thing which fortunately it didn’t, and I felt they lingered too long on the Red Tornado storyline.  The show’s staggered airdates didn’t help, and as a result the show was released in three short collections followed by a long collection which isn’t handy to gain viewers…a full season should be released now.

Young Justice is a great show for comic book fans and probably those fair weather fans also.  The series is fun, complex and much deeper than you’d expect from a “kids” show.  With some really screwed up characters trying to work out their problems, tons of big super-hero and villain cameos, and a great look, Young Justice is a must!

Young Justice—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“Independence Day”

1.1       Independence Day Airdate:  11/26/10

Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Robin are introduced to the Hall of Justice but learn that they aren’t Justice League members yet.  When the Justice League is called off to a battle, the young team members decide to investigate an attack at Cadmus Laboratories.  When Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash uncover Cadmus is creating weapons and Guardian is their pawn, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash discover they are in more trouble than they thought.  Going into the hidden labs, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad discover a secret clone of Superman.



1.2       Fireworks Airdate:  11/26/10

Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad are captured by Superboy and Cadmus and prepared for cloning.  As Superboy debates his future, he finds an unlikely ally within Cadmus.  As the young heroes try to escape, they are faced with Mark Desmond who unleashes Project:  Blockbuster.  When the Justice League finds out about Young Justice, will they shut them down?


“Welcome to Happy Harbor”

1.3       Welcome to Happy Harbor Airdate:  01/21/11

Young Justice is up and running with Ms. Martian as a member and Red Tornado and Black Canary guiding them.  When Young Justice tries to recruit Speedy, Speedy rejects their offer.  Ms. Martian finds adjusting to Earth is more difficult than she thought and that Superboy doesn’t trust her because of her powers.  When Red Tornado sends Young Justice to investigate an attack at a power plant, they encounter a villain named Mr. Twister.



1.4       Drop-Zone Airdate:  01/28/11

Young Justice is sent to Santa Prisca to investigate the transport of the drug Venom.  As Young Justice tries to find a leader, they find their covert operation might be exposed.  Forced to team with Bane, Young Justice investigates Kobra’s selling plans but find themselves in a face-off with Kobra.



1.5       Schooled Airdate:  02/04/11

Superboy questions his powers and finds Superman is unwilling to help him. When Young Justice goes after Professor Ivo, Superboy goes rogue to bring in Ivo alone. When Superboy catches up to Ivo, he is confronted by Ivo’s creation Amazo. Young Justice finds evidence that Speedy might not have abandoned them.



1.6       Infiltrator Airdate:  02/11/11

Young Justice learns that Green Arrow has taken up Artemis as his student and learns Speedy is now going by Red Arrow. When Red Arrow reveals to Young Justice that a prominent scientist was forced to design a weapon technology stealer for the League of Shadows, Young Justice sets out to protect her while trying to stop the League of Shadows. As the League of Shadows attacks, Artemis allows Cheshire to escape for her own reasons. When the forces working against Young Justice learn of Young Justice’s interference, an inside operative is revealed.



1.7       Denial Airdate:  02/18/11

Kent Nelson disappears, and Young Justice is sent out to find him.  When Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch-Boy use Young Justice and Nelson to gain access to Dr. Fate’s tower, the Teen Titans must keep Klarion and Abra from getting Fate’s helmet.  Ms. Martian questions why Kid Flash refuses to believe in anything but science.



1.8       Downtime Airdate:  03/04/11

Aqualad returns to Poseidonis and is reunited with Tula but learns things have changed since he became the leader of Young Justice. When Poseidonis is attacked by Black Manta and his agents, Aqualad discovers Black Manta’s real target is a strange giant sea star. Artemis finds is accepted into a prestigious school and is forced to accept for her mother.



1.9       Bereft Airdate:  03/11/11

Young Justice wakes up in the deserts of Biaylan with no memory. As the team tries to remember their identities, they try to remember the events that led them to Biaylan. When they discover the last six months of memories are gone, they realize Superboy’s pre-Young Justice days only had an animal side. On a rescue mission that could cost Superboy and Aqualad their lives, Ms. Martian finds herself in battle with Psimon.



1.10     Targets Airdate:  09/16/11

The League of Shadows is targeting Lex Luthor as he tries to broker a peace summit. Red Arrow finds himself forced to protect Luthor and finding himself the target of Ra’s Al Ghul, Cheshire, and Sportsmaster. Red Arrow discovers he is in over his head and must call in Aqualad for help. Ms. Martian and Superboy face the first day of school under the names of Megan Morse and Connor Kent and meet Wendy and her brother Marvin as they adjust to school life.



1.11     Terrors Airdate:  09/23/11

Ms. Martian and Superboy go undercover at Belle Reve as the Terror Twins to investigate why Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze, and Icicle Jr. have been working together.  When a breakout is staged, Ms. Martian and Superboy find themselves trapped with the criminals.  With Ms. Martian threatened, Superboy faces his true feelings for her.



1.12     Homefront Airdate:  09/30/11

Artemis starts her new school and is spotted by Dick Grayson. Aqualad investigates the possibility of a traitor among Young Justice. A trip to the cave by Robin and Artemis finds the cavern overrun by a mysterious attacker. When Artemis is left alone, she is forced to face her past and her fears.


“Alpha Male”

1.13     Alpha Male Airdate:  10/07/11

Young Justice demands information on Red Tornado and his family and learn that Aqualad knew about a traitor. Captain Marvel steps in as temporary instructor, and Young Justice finds themselves being sent to Africa to investigate reports of gorilla attacks. When Captain Marvel is captured by Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, Young Justice must work together to rescue him.



1.14     Revelation Airdate:  10/14/11

The Injustice League makes their first public move and the Justice League and Young Justice realize that the villains are working together.  While Justice League makes a public battle with the Injustice Society, Young Justice is sent on a special infiltration mission at the Injustice League headquarters.  When the mission goes sour, Aqualad is forced to don the Helmet of Fate.  The truth behind the attacks is revealed.



1.15     Humanity Airdate:  10/21/11

Zatara introduces his daughter Zatanna to the team, and Young Justice learns that the Justice League is still searching for Red Tornado.  Young Justice sneaks away to locate Red Tornado themselves and discover Doctor Morrow has created Red Volcano to destroy the Justice League.  When Red Volcano rebels against Morrow, Red Volcano plans to destroy humanity with his brothers and sister by activating a volcano in Yellowstone.



1.16     Failsafe Airdate:  11/04/11

Aliens have invaded Earth and overpowered the heroes of the Justice League.  With the Justice League gone, Young Justice must step in to help save the world.  When Artemis falls, Young Justice swears to avenge her.  As more of Young Justice fall, victory seems futile.



1.17     Disordered Airdate:  11/11/11

The training simulation’s bad reaction with Ms. Martian continues to rock Young Justice as Black Canary tries to help them cope with their deaths in the simulation.  When the Forever People come to Earth to find their stolen technology, the Forever People accept Superboy to their ranks for saving the New Genesphere.  With the Forever People, Superboy sets out to round up stolen New Genesis technology only to find Apokolips technology on Earth.



1.18     Secrets Airdate:  11/18/11

The sword of Beowulf has been stolen by a villain named Harm and is now being used for evil. Young Justice prepares for a big Halloween dance and Zatanna and Artemis decide to take a girl’s night out when Artemis learns about Ms. Martian’s relationship with Superboy. Aquaman and Robin question if there could be a traitor in their ranks. As Artemis and Zatanna do battle with Harm, they meet a girl named Secret. Martin plans a prank at the Halloween dance but is taught a lesson by Ms. Martian and Superboy.



1.19     Misplaced Airdate:  03/03/12

Klarion the Witch-Boy is at it again and causes all the adults to disappear. Without the Justice League or any adults, Young Justice sets out to help the younger children and restore the adults. Billy Batson finds himself unable to transform into Captain Marvel without risking disappearing. As the children search for their parents, the adults find themselves in a world without parents. When Billy discovers that he can travel between worlds, Young Justice and the Justice League plot their attacks. When Zatanna makes a brave move, Zatara might have to make the ultimate sacrifice.



1.20     Coldhearted Airdate:  03/10/12

It is Kid Flash’s sixteenth birthday and a snowstorm has struck the country created by Vandal Savage. With the Justice League and Young Justice stopping an attack, Wally is charged with delivering an organ to save a girl’s life. When Vandal Savage delays Kid Flash, Kid Flash learns he is part of a greater chain of events.



1.21     Image Airdate:  03/17/12

Biaylan is threatening to overtake Qurac, and Young Justice is sent on a covert mission to see if Queen Bee is behind it.  When Young Justice discovers the Logan Animal Sanctuary and learn that Ms. Martian took the form of Marie Logan from a sitcom called Hello Megan!, Ms. Megan’s real form comes into question.  Psimon is exposed as the villain and threatens to show all of Young Justice what Megan truly looks like.



1.22     Agenda Airdate:  03/24/12

The Justice League debates new members and questions what it takes to be accepted in the League. Superboy is contacted by Lex Luthor and learns that Cadmus could be hiding another clone.  With the revelation that he is part human, Superboy is given “shields” from Luthor that allow him to access his full Kryptonian powers and finds out more about himself than he wanted to know when he finds a program called Match.



1.23     Insecurity Airdate:  03/31/12

Artemis learns that her mother had her brought in to Young Justice and suspects she isn’t worthy of the team.  When Red Arrow is asked by Green Arrow to join the team as a means to prepare for official membership to the Justice Society, he suspects Artemis is the mole.  A mission to stop Sportsmaster and Cheshire threatens to expose all of Artemis’ secrets.



1.24     Performance Airdate:  04/07/12

There is a traitor in Haley’s Circus, and Robin has taken Artemis, Superboy, Red Arrow, and Ms. Martian with him to try to prove Haley innocent.  Discovering they are suffering from illnesses, Robin exposes the Parasite.  The Parasite feasts on a suped-up Superboy, and Superboy must lie to hide his “shields” from Lex.


“Usual Suspect”

1.25     Usual Suspects Airdate:  04/14/12

As Red Arrow, Icon, Plastic Man, and the Atom are sworn in as members of the Justice League, Young Justice welcomes Rocket to the team.  With a new lead of Cheshire and the technology stolen during the Injustice Society’s attack, Young Justice heads out on a mission that will expose all of their secrets.


“Auld Acquaintance”

1.26     Auld Acquaintance Airdate:  04/21/12

Red Arrow is revealed to be the mole as the Justice League is overtaken.  Now it is up to Young Justice to free the Justice League from Vandal Savage and Klarion the Witch-Boy before Earth is overtaken.

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