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X-Men–Season 3…aka Season of the Phoenix!!!

The X-Men are back and facing a new problem.  When Jean Grey becomes possessed by a spirit known as the Phoenix it could destroy the universe.  Travelling to the Shi’ar Empire, the X-Men fight to contain the Phoenix.  When the Phoenix returns stronger than ever, the X-Men learn that they might lose Jean Grey forever…plus, the X-Men learn of Cyclops’ origin, face the return of the Juggernaut, the threat of a mutant team called X-Factor, meet a mutant called Nightcrawler, and has Wolverine facing the demons of his past.

X-Men—Season 3 aired from July 29, 1997 to June 11, 1995 on FOX Saturday mornings.  The series started facing production problems this season and didn’t always air the shows in the order they were originally intended.  This isn’t very noticeable due to the serializes stories of The Phoenix Saga and The Dark Phoenix which were shown in their correct order.  X-Men—Season 3 was collected in both X-Men—Volume 2 and X-Men—Volume 3.


Hey, it is a certain webslinger in a small (and I mean small) cameo!!!

The X-Men cartoon continues to impress me.  By this time in its run, I had begun missing many of the episodes but always intended to watch.  The series actually goes into the real X-Men stories from Uncanny X-Men’s onset.

This season is the year of the Phoenix.  The whole Phoenix story is explored here.  What started around Uncanny X-Men (1) #101 (October 1976) and ended with Uncanny X-Men (1) #137 (September 1980), is chronicled in and The Dark Phoenix storylines.  It was an interesting choice on breaking it up as they did, but it was effective.  The ending of course was altered by saving Jean since Jean was an important part of the X-Men when the series was produced.


Love X-Factor!

The writers decision to combined the classic stories with the modern X-Men comics of the ’90s leads to some interesting changes in X-Men mythology (like Jean’s saving), but also allow for some exploration in different directions.  It is fun to see Scott learning about his origins next to the first appearance of the Peter David line-up of X-Factor.

X-Men was and is a fun animated series.  At this point in the series it is already making me a little bummed that the series only has two seasons left.  The X-Men have such a rich history that there is so much that could still be explored.

X-Men—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:


“Out of the Past–Part 1”

3.1       Out of the Past—Part 1 (Episode #27) Airdate:  07/29/94

The theft of a device from Lady Deathstrike leads her and her Reavers to a hidden spaceship.  Deathstrike realizes she needs Wolverine’s adamantium to breach the ship and forces Leech to contact him for help.  Wolverine reminds his promise to his old love Yuriko only to find her transformed into Lady Deathstrike.


“Out of the Past–Part 2”

3.2       Out of the Past—Part 2 (Episode #28) Airdate:  08/05/94

A creatures has been freed from the spaceship and it seems to absorb the consciousness of those who have been attacked. With Jubilee in its control, Wolverine must team with Lady Deathstrike to fight it. When Deathstrike falls, the X-Men must find a way to free the captured mutants. Professor X learns the creature is called a spirit eater and questions how he has the knowledge.


“Sacrifice: The Phoenix Saga–Part 1”

3.3       Sacrifice:  The Phoenix Saga—Part 1 (Episode #29) Airdate:  09/05/94

Xavier has a premonition of danger surrounding a special shuttle launch and orders the X-Men to get aboard the shuttle. Jean, Cyclops, Beast, Gambit, and Wolverine board the shuttle with Dr. Corbeau only to find an ambush by Eric the Red upon the space station. An alien spaceship travelling through a stargate is targeted by Eric the Red but Lilandra manages to escape to Earth. The X-Men try to escape the damaged space station and find they are in a failing space shuttle as Jean tries to land the ship.


“The Dark Shroud: The Phoenix Saga–Part 2”

3.4       Dark Shroud:  The Phoenix Saga—Part 2 (Episode #30) Airdate:  09/06/94

The space shuttle comes crashing to Earth and Jean finds a strange power helps her guide it. When the shuttle crashes upon landing, Jean is reborn as Phoenix. Xavier finds himself continuing to have contact with the alien source which unleashes a dark side in him. Xavier is forced to leave the X-Men for Muir Island to get help from Moira MacTaggert and learns the woman haunting his dreams is Lilandra of the Shi’ar. Eric the Red tracks Xavier could be the key he needs. Lilandra tells Xavier about her brother D’Ken’s desire to unleash the power of the M’Kraan Crystal, and how it could destroy the worlds.


“Cry of the Banshee: The Phoenix Saga–Part 3”

3.5       Cry of the Banshee:  The Phoenix Saga—Part 3 (Episode #31) Airdate:  09/07/94

The Juggernaut comes for Xavier and Lilandra, and Xavier is saved by Banshee. Lilandra is kidnapped and Juggernaut is revealed to be working with Black Tom Cassidy under the orders of Eric the Red. As the X-Men respond to Xavier’s call for help, they find themselves in battle with Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, and Eric the Red for the fate of Lilandra. When the X-Men appear to have the upper-hand, Gladiator arrives on Earth…could the Phoenix be the only hope?


The Starjammers: The Phoenix Saga–Part 4″

3.6       The Starjammers:  The Phoenix Saga—Part 4 (Episode #32) Airdate:  09/08/94

Phoenix reveals that the universe is in danger and that the X-Men could be the only hope of saving it.  Transporting Gambit, Wolverine, Lilanda, Cyclops, Rogue, and Beast to the moon, the X-Men fight to protect the M’Kraan Crystal when a ship called the Starjammer brings it crew to steal it.  The Starjammers capture Cyclops, and Corsair prepare a risky exchange to get revenge against D’Ken for his family.


“Child of Light: The Phoenix Saga–Part 5”

3.7       Child of Light:  The Phoenix Saga—Part 5 (Episode #33) Airdate:  09/09/94

D’Ken has accessed the power of the M’Kraan Crystal, and the X-Men must stop him from destroying the universe.  With the threat of the crystal growing, the Phoenix is the only chance and an adventure into the M’Kraan Crystal leads to the final battle against D’Ken.  To stop D’Ken, Phoenix must make the ultimate sacrifice.


“Savage Land, Strange Heart–Part 1”

3.8       Savage Land, Savage Heart—Part 1 (Episode #34) Airdate:  09/10/94

Sauron is saved in the Savage Land by Zaladane and learns Zaladane is a worshipper of Garokk.  Finding himself in New York City, Karl Lykos is transformed once again into Sauron when he encounters the X-Men.  Sauron captures Storm and travellings to the Savage Land with her.  Unleashing her primal powers using his mental control, the X-Men must travel to the Savage Land to rescue her before it is too late.


“Savage Land, Strange Heart–Part 2”

3.9       Savage Land, Savage Heart—Part 2 (Episode #35) Airdate:  09/17/94

Sauron has unleashed Storm’s full potential and is feeding Garokk for Zaladane.  The X-Men work to shut down Storm and find themselves forced to team with Karl Lykos to try to stop her.  Meanwhile, Zaladane has brought back Garokk that could be a threat to everything in the Savage Land.



3.10     Obsession (Episode #36) Airdate:  09/24/94

Archangel goes after Apocalypse and seeks a way to kill him.  The X-Men seek out Apocalypse’s sentient Ship for a means to stop him as Rogue joins Archangel in the hunt for Apocalypse.  When Ship reveals itself to be in Apocalypse’s control, the X-Men find themselves trapped in Apocalypse’s own base fighting to escape.


“Dazzled: The Dark Phoenix–Part 1”

3.11     Dazzled:  The Dark Phoenix—Part 1 (Episode #37) Airdate:  11/12/94

Jean is studied by Xavier and Moira MacTaggert to see why the Phoenix Force is still holding her. Scott saves a mutant named Dazzler from a group called the Hellfire Club, and the Hellfire Club targets the Phoenix for their ranks. Emma Frost and Mastermind begin manipulating Jean’s mind to get the Phoenix. When Scott goes to the club to protect Dazzler, Scott finds the Phoenix is jealous of Dazzler.


“Inner Circle: The Dark Phoenix–Part 2”

3.12     Inner Circle:  The Dark Phoenix—Part 2 (Episode #38) Airdate:  11/12/94

Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Beast, and Cyclops are prisoners of the Hellfire Club as the Hellfire Club continues to manipulate the Phoenix to bid their commands.  As Wolverine fights his way through the Hellfire Club, Cyclops finds himself in battle with Mastermind within Jean’s mind.  When the Phoenix’s powers are revealed, Sebastian Shaw finds the members of the Inner Circle planning a coup.


“Dark Phoenix: The Dark Phoenix–Part 3”

3.13     Dark Phoenix:  The Dark Phoenix—Part 3 (Episode #39) Airdate:  11/19/94

The Dark Phoenix has been unleashed, and the X-Men try to reach Jean.  When the X-Men are unable to fight the Phoenix, the Phoenix heads to space on a path of destruction.  When Jean returns to Earth, the X-Men find it might be their last chance to free Jean.


“The Fate of the Phoenix: The Dark Phoenix–Part 4”

3.14     The Fate of the Phoenix:  The Dark Phoenix—Part 4 (Episode #40) Airdate:  11/26/94

The X-Men are captured by the Shi’ar who vow to destroy the Phoenix to protect the universe.  Xavier calls for a trial by combat for the X-Men to fight for Jean, and the X-Men enter final battle to protect Jean…but question if their decision is right.


“Cold Comfort”

3.15     Cold Comfort (Episode #41) Airdate:  02/04/95

When the X-Men catch Iceman breaking into a compound, Iceman finds himself at odd with Xavier and the X-Men.  Iceman reveals that his girlfriend Lorna Dane has been captured by the government, and Jubilee tries to prove her worth to the government by springing him from the X-Men’s stasis unit.  When the X-Men go on a rescue mission, they find themselves in battle with a new team of mutants called X-Factor.


“Orphan’s End”

3.16     Orphan’s End (Episode #42) Airdate:  02/25/95

The Starjammer comes to Earth pursued by the Shi’ar, and Cyclops rescues Corsair from the wreckage.  The Shi’ar reveals that Corsair is wanted, and Scott finds Cyclops is his presumed dead father Christopher Summers.  Cyclops questions if he can trust Corsair or if Corsair is involved in a conspiracy.


“Juggernaut Returns”

3.17     Juggernaut Returns (Episode #43) Airdate:  05/06/95

The Juggernaut has returned and after Xavier again.  When another man discovers the Crystal of Cyttorax, the Juggernaut loses his powers.  The X-Men set out to stop the new Juggernaut while Xavier tries to determine why his step-brother hates him.



3.18     Nightcrawler (Episode #44) Airdate:  05/13/95

Rogue, Wolverine, and Gambit investigate the reports of a demon and find a mutant named Nightcrawler who was raised in a circus and is a man of God.  As the villagers turn against Nightcrawler, the X-Men must find who is responsible which leaves Wolverine questioning his own faith.


“Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape”

3.19     Weapon X, Lies & Videotape (Episode #45) Airdate:  06/11/95

Wolverine is suffering from nightmares of his past.  Now, Logan is out to confront Sabretooth about his past with Maverick and Silver Fox.  Silver Fox and Maverick reveal they are alive and tell Sabretooth and Wolverine that someone has tampered with their memories.

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