Worlds’ Finest 1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2

worlds finest volume 1 the lost daughters of earth 2 cover trade paperback
6.5 Overall Score
Story : 6/10
Art: 8/10

Good flashback art by Kevin Mcguire, good characters

Rather weak story

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Worlds’ Finest

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Paul Levitz

Artist:  George Perez/Kevin Maguire/Jerry Ordway/Wes Craig

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2013

worlds finest #0 supergirl robin huntress powergirl flashback

Worlds’ Finest #0

Reprints Worlds’ Finest #0-5 (July 2012-December 2012).  Kara and Helena are the Supergirl and Robin of Earth 2.  In Earth 2’s final battle with Darkseid, they find themselves flung to a parallel Earth where things just aren’t quite the same.  Adopting the identities of Power Girl and Huntress, they find themselves battling crime while working on a means to reopen the portal to Earth 2.  While facing an enemy known as Hakkou, they find their transport to Earth might have brought enemies from Earth 2 and changed aspects of their powers.

Written by Paul Levitz, Worlds’ Finest Volume 1:  The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 collects the first storylines of the Worlds’ Finest series which was released at the same time as the Earth 2 tie-in series.  There have been other World’s Finest series, but this is the first Worlds’ Finest (the s’ indicating that both Huntress and Power Girl are from Earth 2).  The series collects the four part “Rebirth” story along with a stand-alone issue and a flashback issue in Worlds’ Finest #0 (November 2012).

I love Earth 2 stories and always have liked the twisted difference between the worlds.  I also always was a big Power Girl fan (though DC has never known how to handle her) and Huntress also had interesting aspects (more so her Earth 2 version)…Therefore, I was really looking forward to Worlds’ Finest.

worlds finest #4 cover huntress power girl

Worlds’ Finest #4

Unfortunately, this first volume was rather disappointing.  The story was rather ho-hum while Robinson’s Earth 2 series was high stakes.  The series feels rather disjoined and the battle with Hakkou should have been a one or two issue battle at most.  It is drawn out far too long and doesn’t provide any answers or twists.  The rather weak two adventure story with Huntress going to a peace march and Power Girl stopping a runaway inter-dimensional robot really also didn’t go anywhere.  Worlds’ Finest #0 issue was kind of fun showing the Earth 2 adventures of Robin and Supergirl…and their first meeting.

The art for the series is a mixed bag as well.  George Perez is a great artist generally but the art here feels a bit underdeveloped.  I do however really like Kevin Maguire’s flashback art.  It is stylish and I like the flashbacks better than the actual story…I could deal with a run of all flashbacks if I get the better art and story.

Worlds’ Finest 1:  The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 is a bit of a sad case since I like the characters a lot.  The series really seems to struggle, and with such rich characters, I wish it was better written.  I imagine that many dropped the series possibly before this collection ended, and I don’t necessarily blame them.  Worlds’ Finest 1:  The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 is followed by Worlds’ Finest 2:  Hunt and Be Hunted.

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