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Movie Name:  WolfCop

Studio:  The Coup Company

Genre(s):  Horror/Comedy

Release Date(s):  June 6, 2014

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated

wolfcop werewolf transformation

Being a cop is hard…being a wolfcop is harder…

Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) is a bad cop. He drinks and hardly does his job.  When he is called to investigate reports of kids partying in the woods, he finds himself caught in the middle of a sacrifice.  Lou wakes up to find he’s been transformed into something else.  He is werewolf and he could be a killer as well.  With Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry) helping guide him, Lou must find out why he’s been cursed and what it has to do with an eclipse and a race of shapeshifting creatures.

Written and directed by Lowell Dean, WolfCop is a Canadian horror comedy. The movie received a limited release in 2014 and was released on the market in 2015.  The film received mostly positive reviews and found a small cult audience.

wolfcop skin face removed

Yeah, the skin comes off…everywhere

WolfCop was a movie you heard about long before it was released. With an intentionally goofy concept, the film both feels like something you’d fine on SyFy Network on a Saturday night, but also something mocking those hashed together movies…WolfCop is entertaining, but also has some of the same problems as movies like Sharktopus.

The movie is much smarter than something like Sharktopus, but it sometimes resorts to the same thrills. I never felt very compelled by the story of WolfCop and couldn’t tell what level to take the movie.  The WolfCop murders and kills but it is done without a sly smile or post-modern style…it is straight up horror, but then the horror is mixed with things like the WolfCop having a cigarette after sex.  The whole tone of the movie just doesn’t quite mesh though it is close to something like Evil Dead 2…which did a better job getting the balance between horror and humor.

wolfcop werewolf sex sarah lind

Nothing like a cigarette after werewolf sex…

The cast for WolfCop is mostly Canadian B-Movie actors. Usually these type of mash-ups are anchored by one major actor and backed with a supporting cast.  Here the cast is unknown so the plot should have been a bit more unknown (aka the famous person isn’t the star/villain)…unfortunately, I could pick out the bad guy from the first onscreen appearance so it felt a bit wasted.

What does set WolfCop above other cheesy straight-to-TV monster-mash movies is that WolfCop looks quite good. The special effects of the film are quite good.  In a world where there have been countless werewolf transformations, WolfCop manages to change it up again…and it is pretty gross.

WolfCop is entertaining, but it felt like it could have been much better. The movie needed a better balance in its humor/horror tone and it could have really gotten it right.  The movie has surprisingly wide appeal with horror, comedy, and B-Movie fans able to find something to enjoy in it.  WolfCop II was announced in the credits of WolfCop with a 2015 release.  Another WolfCop was released in 2017.

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