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It’s the ’90s!

The counselors are headed back to Camp Firewood ten years after their 1981 epic camping year.  Everyone’s ten years older (in their twenties) and in the process of becoming adults.  Coop (Michael Showalter) seeks an ending to his novel as Katie (Marguerite Moreau) is a big wig at a cosmetic company.  Mark (Mark Feuerstein) and his girlfriend Claire (Sarah Burns) struggle with their relationship as Victor (Ken Marino) and Neil (Jo Lo Truglio) spend wild nights as bartenders.  McKinley (Michael Ian Black) and his husband Ben (Adam Scott) are being a life with their son…but Camp Firewood is always calling and Beth (Janeane Garofalo) has a surprise for them all.  Unfortunately, President Reagan (Michael Showalter) and President Bush (Michael Ian Black) have their own plans for the camp.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 4 lunch knife renata alyssa milano michael ian black

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and Fatal Attraction all rolled up into one!

Wet Hot American Summer:  Ten Years Later was released on Netflix on August 4, 2017.  The eight episode series is a follow-up to Wet Hot American Summer:  First Day of Camp and both series are a spin-off of the original film Wet Hot American Summer (2001).

Wet Hot American Summer is pretty divisive.  If you get the humor, you like the humor.  If you don’t get the humor, it can be one of the worst things to watch.  I like the humor and find it pretty fun…but I also understand how some might feel this is a life-sucking show.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 4 lunch canned vegetables christopher meloni

Hello, old friend

The show goes for both surreal and parody.  This movie has tons of parodies in it from Cocktail, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and The Big Chill to modern movies like Life of Pi.  This is wrapped in a strange world where Bush and Reagan are teaming up and can of vegetables Mitch travels the countryside (and has sex).  The culmination with the over-the-top “joke” nuclear weapon is great (especially when tempered with the actual dead nanny).

The cast continues to be strong.  With Bradley Cooper out, Adam Scott is on-board as his character “with a nose job”.  The regulars are back and part of the joke is that they are all in their twenties (when they’re in their 40s or older).   The show also adds Alyssa Milano, Jai Courtney, Marlo Thomas, and Dax Shepherd.

wet hot american summer ten years late episode 7 dance reagan bush michael showalter michael ian black

Reagan and Bush are just misunderstood…

A lot of the gags in Wet Hot American Summer:  Ten Years Later are visual in nature.  Be it costumes or intentionally cheap props and visuals, the series plays a lot with the style of the movies it is parodying…complete with action sequences.  You still have to be willing to watch a talking can of vegetables.

Wet Hot American Summer:  Ten Years Later is for fans of the series only.  If you weren’t a fan to begin with, it won’t win you over.  The series however is just fun and goofy.  I don’t know what the future holds for Wet Hot American Summer…it feels kind of like an ending here, but you could argue that every variation of Wet Hot American Summer has almost felt like an ending…maybe we’ll see a 20 or 30 year reunion next year.

Wet Hot American Summer:  Ten Years Later Complete Episode Guide:

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 1 reunion cast


1.1       Reunion Release Date:  08/04/17

The counselors are back, and it is 1991.  McKinley (Michael Ian Black) and Ben (Adam Scott) (including Ben’s new nose job) celebrate their new life and worry about getting a nanny named Renata (Alyssa Milano) for the weekend.  Coop (Michael Showalter) tries to find an ending to his novel while Katie (Marguerite Moreau) works on her new line of make-up.  Susie (Amy Poehler) works in Hollywood and finds herself paired with a new actor named Garth (Jaie Courtney).  Mark (Mark Feuerstein) pushes Claire (Sarah Burns) for marriage while Victor (Ken Marino) and Neil (Joe Lo Truglio) work as bartenders.  President Bush (Michael Ian Black) learns from President Reagan (Michael Showalter) that there is a potential problem in Bill Clinton (David Wain).

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 2 softball paul rudd skyler gisondo


1.2       Softball Release Date:  08/04/17

Beth (Janeane Garofalo) reveals she plans to sell Camp Firewood…and the camp is in danger.  Katie wonders if Coop (Michael Showalter) is ready for a relationship.  Mark admits that he’s had relationships outside of his relationship with Claire to J.J. (Zak Orth) and swears him to secrecy.  Andy (Paul Rudd) returns to Camp Firewood and learns that there is a rival “cool kid” in Deegs (Skyler Gisondo).  McKinley worries Renada really isn’t a nanny.  Reagan agrees to help Bush to defeat Clinton…in exchange for the destruction of Camp Firewood.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 3 tigerclaw mitch vegetable can


1.3       Tigerclaw Release Date:  08/04/17

Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks) looks for a hard news story and gets a secret lead on the Camp Firewood corruption scandal.  Beth debates with Mitch (H. Jon Benjamin) about selling the camp and gets an immediate offer.  Donna (Lake Bell) returns to camp with Yaron (David Wain) with their relationship tapes and an offer for Victor.  Claire questions J.J. about her relationship with Mark, and J.J. must hide he knows about Mark’s affairs.  A trip to Camp Tigerclaw by Andy and Katie has a reunion with Courtney (Kristen Wiig) and Blake (Josh Charles) in attempt to save Camp Firewood.  Mitch learns the secret about the deal.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 4 lunch chris pine jason schwartzman


1.4       Lunch Release Date:  08/04/17

Katie meets Coop’s fiancée Ginny (Maya Erskine) and learns that the hopes for a relationship might be dashed.  Mitch tries to get back to Camp Firewood to warn the camp about Reagan’s plans and the betrayal of Camp Tigerclaw…but needs some help from Gene (Christopher Meloni) if he can bring him back from the wilderness.  Susie returns to the theater and faces off against her nemesis Logan (John Early).  Gary (A.D. Miles) questions what happened to the food at Camp Firewood and takes a challenge to fix the food.  Garth decides he must confess his feelings to Susie.  Victor worries that Donna will know he’s still a virgin if he sleeps with her while McKinley seeks the truth about Renata.  Mitch seeks help from Eric (Chris Pine) and Greg (Jason Schwartzman).

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 5 king of camp fire challenge

“King of Camp”

1.5       King of Camp Release Date:  08/04/17

Andy challenge Deegs for the title of “King of Camp” in a classic battle.  Neil tries to help Victor get over his virginity with a makeover.  Claire and McKinley worry Renada is planning to kill the baby, but Claire finds Mark’s book of indiscretions.  Lindsay is sent to meet with Mikey (Dax Shepard)…and learns a secret about Ronald Reagan.  Ginny makes Coop an ultimatum about Katie.  Garth gets good news about his career, but it could mean the end of their relationship.  Blake has second thoughts about buying the camp for Reagan.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 6 rain victor donna yaron sex ken marino lake bell david wain


1.6       Rain Release Date:  08/04/17

Blake’s attempt to turn on Reagan leads to a power struggle between Reagan and Bush.  Neil decides try to win back his ex-girlfriend Shari (Beth Dover) from Brodfard Gilroy (Rob Huebel) while Victor faces surprises in his night with Donna…and Yaron.  Eric and Greg reveal how their deaths were faked and what happened next.  Gene decides he can’t stop Reagan without help from Gail (Molly Shannon) which leads to a reunion and a surprise. J.J. admits a secret crush.  Ben learns the truth about Renada.  Ginny and Coop’s relationship is on the rocks when he catches Coop talking to Katie.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 7 dance nuclear missile jellybean


1.7       Dance Release Date:  08/04/17

It is the camp’s dance as Reagan’s nuclear bomb counts down.  Victor finds that no one believes he had sex as everyone else deals with their crumbling relationship.  Lindsay finds her explosive Reagan story has put her in danger.  Blake tries to escape Reagan’s prison to warn Camp Firewood.  Andy deals with his loss to Deegs and decides to contact his ex-wife Tracy (Morgan Walsh).  Mitch and Gene lead their raid Reagan’s base…and the revelation that Reagan has a mole in the camp.

wet hot american summer ten years later episode 8 end summer nights dream book coop

“End Summer Night’s Dream”

1.8       End Summer Night’s Dream Release Date:  08/04/17

The bomb is set to explode and Bush is revealed to be the true villain as the bomb ticks down.  It is time for the counselors to mend their differences if they hope the spirit of Camp Firewood will survive…and this means Mitch must call in help at NASA.  The truth will be revealed.

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