Weirdworld 1: Where Lost Things Go

weirdworld volume 1 where lost things go
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 8/10

Fun, different comic book series with interesting characters, PG equivalent of Saga

No ending, prefered Arkon storyline

Comic Info

Comic Name:   Weirdworld

Publisher:   Marvel Comics

Writer:   Sam Humphries

Artist:   Mike Del Mundo

# of Issues:   6

Release Date:  2016

weirdworld #4 cover mike del mundo art

Weirdworld #4

Reprints Weirdworld #1-6 (February 2016-July 2016). Becca has been tasked in taking her mother’s ashes back to Mexico. When their plane is hit by strange turbulence everything seems to turn upside down. Becca finds herself in Weirdworld and teamed with a warrior woman named Goleta the Wizardslayer and a Catbeast transformed wizard named Ogeode. Becca is also the target of Morgan Le Fay who realizes Becca’s possession of the Wuxian Seed could benefit her…but Becca’s only chance at returning to Earth could be the Wuxian Seed. As Goleta and Becca travel Weirdworld to restore Ogeode, Morgan Le Fay and her armies are closing in for a battle that could cost Becca everything!

Written by Sam Humphries, Weirdworld Volume 1: Where Lost Things Go is the continuation of the story which originally appeared as part of Marvel’s event series Secret Wars. Following Weirdworld Volume 0: Warzones!, the series features art by Mike Del Mundo.

Weirdworld was a fun little adventure in the Secret Wars series. It was unexpected that the Marvel Comics’ “Elfquest-esque” series would get its own standalone series and it was populated by characters like Arkon, Morgan Le Fay, Man-Thing, Skull the Slayer, and surprisingly Crystar and his allies (from the Remco toy series of the ’80s and Marvel’s The Saga of Crystar). With these strange ingredients, the comic series was fun and even better granted a continuing series after Secret Wars…unfortunately (in my opinion), the format changed.

weirdworld #6 cover mike del mundo art

Weirdworld #6

I really liked Arkon as the lead for Weirdworld. I was disappointed that his story (which also was incomplete) wasn’t continued in the new series. I loved the inclusion of the “weird” characters like Crystar and Marvel’s oddball assortment of people who populated Weirdworld (I always was a Man-Thing Jennifer Kale fan). I looked forward to see what Arkon would do and how Crystar would factor in to the battle…none of which were answered here (at least Skull and Jennifer returned).

That being said, I also like Becca and Goleta. I think both characters could prove to be interesting and Humphries starts to develop them. While I prefer sticking with Arkon, I was ok with both of these leads and the series kept up the spirit and the style of the limited series. It just wasn’t quite the same series, but Weirdworld’s demise is more of a comic book industry problem if nothing else.

Weirdworld was never going to survive. The comic book market is tight and ruthless. A small essentially independent comic inserted into the Marvel Universe probably wasn’t going to sell enough to stay afloat despite a strong (but small) fanbase. Weirdworld became a strange almost PG equivalent of Saga.  While I feel that the miniseries was a better series, I still enjoyed Weirdworld and wish that it had a longer life…as it stands now, we might never know what happens to Becca, Goleta, and Morgan Le Fay’s quest…which is too bad.

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