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Strong series with a great cast

Story sometimes is lacking, but cast makes the most of it


It’s Snoop! Conrad and Nancy’s stock has never been “higher”

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco) are leading the way to set-up their own growing house, but Nancy’s relationship with D.E.A. officer Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan) could complicate matters. When Conrad’s strain of marijuana becomes the next thing even Snoop Dogg is rapping about MILF weed. At home, Nancy’s dealing with growing resentment from Silas (Hunter Parrish), Andy (Justin Kirk) plans to be a rabbi, and the concern that Shane (Alexander Gould) knows about her dealings. In Agrestic, Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) is challenged for his seat on the council by Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) who is dealing with her the new fame of her daughter Isabelle (Allie Grant) as a plus-size model. When the pressure gets too much will it all go up in a puff of smoke?

Weeds—Season 2 aired from August 14, 2006 to October 30, 2006 on Showtime and continued to get positive reviews.  The show continues to be recognized by awards shows with Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins leading the way.


Heylia’s got a plan…I just wish the show had more plans for her

I enjoy Weeds, and the show at this early stage continues to evolve and change. The story isn’t necessarily the best part of Weeds, but the characters that inhabit the world are. With the first season, you get an idea of the characters personalities, and this season really starts to develop them.

With all series, especially the series set up like The Sopranos (home life vs. work life and the crossover), there will be weak characters and plotlines. The younger boy (played by Alexander Gould) is struggling to find a place in the show and working on developing as an actor, and I also find as the brother-in-law Andy rather worthless. He needs more direction if he’s going to stick around…as of now the rabbi storyline really didn’t go anywhere. I do like that for the most part the creators have eliminated the other growers except Kevin Nealon, Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy) who barely appears, and Dean (Andy Milder) who is mostly around because he has to be. I do wish they’d either keep Heylia or get rid of her…she has no direction the whole season.


Who’s got the munchies?

Weeds also looks great. The suburbs are a great location for the series and it always feels a bit weird when it leaves the suburbs even to go see Heylia.  I just wish that the show would have even more of a merging of the two fields by getting Doug and Celia tied more into the show.

Weeds is a strange series. It is like a happy drug show versus something like a Breaking Bad which is how a bad drug show goes. This season definitely leaves you wanting more with a big cliffhanger. All the characters are left exposed, and you’ll want to come back for Season 3 to see what happens.

Weeds—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“Corn Snake”

2.1       Corn Snake Airdate:  08/14/06

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) deals with her discover that Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan) is a D.E.A. agent which causes a rift with Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco).  As Nancy tries to find a way to fund the decision to be growers, the bakery becomes a liability.  Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) has an accident and decides to run against Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) for his council spot when he refuses to act.  Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk) works to get school to become a rabbi to keep out of the military and discovers his chances are slim.  A trip to the home of her supplier Heylia James (Tonye Patano) gives Nancy a new idea to keep her sons Shane (Alexander Gould) and Silas (Hunter Parrish) from drifting from her.


“Cooking with Jesus”

2.2       Cooking with Jesus Airdate:  08/21/06

Nancy decides to break it off with Peter with fear of him discovering her dealing.  Silas learns his girlfriend Megan (Shoshannah Stern) has college plans and that they aren’t what he thought.  Nancy, Doug, Andy, Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy), Dean Hodes (Andy Milder), and Alejandro (Vincent Laresca) decide to go ahead with the hydroponics plans with money from the bakery fire but find they need Conrad.  Conrad searches for backing for his plan but finds none of his contacts will support him with Heylia as a threat.  Andy manages to convince Yael Hoffman (Meital Dohan) to accept his admission on a temporary basis and learns that his rabbi plan might succeed.  Celia’s plans for city council puts her at odds with Dean and her daughter Isabelle (Allie Grant).  Peter returns with a bombshell for Nancy.


“Last Tango in Agrestic”

2.3       Last Tango in Agrestic Airdate:  08/28/06

Peter’s revelation that he knows Nancy is dealing leads to a strange compromise.  Celia’s latest attempt to get Isabelle to lose weight backfires.  Doug gets a house for the growing as Dean learns that Conrad slept with Celia.  Megan and Silas make up and decide to make the most of their time together.  Nancy learns that Heylia has a love interest in a man named Joseph (Ron Canada).  Nancy gets Andy to deal with Shane’s masturbation problem that is costing her money.



“A.K.A. The Plant”

2.4       A.K.A. The Plant Airdate:  09/04/06

Peter and Nancy’s marriage allows them to continue their secret romance and Nancy hides that her drug business is getting bigger.  Shane has problems at school, and Andy takes him to a “professional” to help.  Joseph contacts Heylia and agrees to see her.  Dean is terminated from his job and gets his revenge on Conrad.  When a neighbor spots one of Conrad’s installers, Conrad learns that another dealer knows his plans.  Nancy gets bad news from Megan and Silas.



“Mrs. Botwin’s Neighborhood”

2.5       Mrs. Botwin’s Neighborhood Airdate:  09/11/06

Nancy works to deal with the rival dealers and reveals to Peter that she’s expanding her operation.  Megan decides to tell her parents about her pregnancy, and the reaction isn’t as Silas hoped.  Celia pushes the election but finds she can’t get traction against Doug’s popularity.  Looking for a job, Dean follows up on an offer to Isabelle to be a plus-size kid model.  A late night raid of the neighborhood by Peter takes a negative turn.


“Girl Crush Love Panic”

2.6       Crush Girl Love Panic Airdate:  09/18/06

Silas deals with Megan’s decision to have an abortion and stop seeing him while Nancy tries to keep her work and life separate.  A loss during the raid has Conrad realizing that Nancy is still seeing Peter.  A date with Joseph has Vaneeta (Indigo) at odds with her mother over her choices.  Isabelle decides to have Dean watch over her acting assets and this puts Celia in combat with Doug over his financial planning.  Shane decides to join debate team when he finds he has a new crush on Gretchen (Eden Sher).  Andy uncovers Yael’s kinky side.  When Conrad learns about Nancy and Peter’s arrangement, she decides it is time for a meeting.


“Must Find Toes”

2.7       Must Find Toes Airdate:  09/25/06

An accident at the grow-house has Andy losing his toes.  Nancy’s decision to introduce Conrad and Peter has consequences and finds her isolating both of them.  Silas decides he doesn’t want to go to college and ask to join the drug sales.  Andy talks about his future with Yael and creates a rift by doing it.  Shane’s attempt to impress Gretchen at a debate backfires and causes him to want to quit the debate team.  When Dean messes-up Doug’s campaign entry, Celia ends up on top and decides to make a change for Agrestic.


“MILF Money”

2.8       MILF Money Airdate:  10/02/06

The new strain of weed is ready, and everyone seems to be buying.  When Nancy and Conrad go to a recorder, Snoop Dogg gets ahold of the weed and nicknames it MILF Weed in a new song.  As MILF Weed’s popularity grows, Heylia notices her business is shrinking.  Andy learns that he has to repay Nancy before he gets paid, and Andy and Silas wonder how they can start to profit.  Celia works to make Agrestic a drug-free zone and finds opposition from Shane and dog park lovers.  Heylia confronts Conrad about the MILF and tells him that he has betrayed her.  Peter reveals to Nancy that he’s going after Heylia to get to a dealer named U-Turn (Page Kennedy).



2.9       Bash Airdate:  10/09/06

Nancy tips off Heylia to Peter’s raid which causes problems between Heylia and Joseph and Peter and Nancy.  Doug goes after Nancy at a city council meeting, but end up forming a strange alliance and secret relationship.  Shane gets Gretchen as a girlfriend, and Nancy worries that he knows about her drug trade.  Andy’s loan is forgiven in exchange for work with the harvest.  Judah’s birthday comes just as the family learns about Peter and his ties to the D.E.A.


“Mile Deep and a Foot Wide”

2.10     Mile Deep and a Foot Wide Airdate:  10/16/06

With Heylia ordering Nancy to square things with Peter to get him off her back, Nancy and Conrad work out an exit plan for her.  Celia and Doug continue their affair, and Celia worries about Dean finding out.  Andy’s life gets more complicated when his former stalker ex-girlfriend Kat (Zooey Deschanel) shows up demanding his time.  Nancy has a disastrous family dinner date with Peter, and Peter finds that Nancy is continuing to play both sides with Conrad.


“Yeah, Like Tomatoes”

2.11     Yeah, Like Tomatoes Airdate:  10/23/06

Peter confronts Conrad and Nancy and demands that Nancy and Conrad pay him the money from the sale of their harvest to be left alone.  Kat continues to harass Andy, and Andy learns that a bounty hunter is after her.  Celia and Doug decide to tell their spouses about their affair, but Doug picks an inopportune time to change his mind.  Nancy goes to Heylia about the crop while Conrad tries to get U-Turn in on the deal.  With a sale set, Nancy and Conrad find a new direction, and Nancy learns who has been stealing Agrestic’s drug free material.



2.12     Pittsburgh Airdate:  10/30/06

As Shane prepares to graduate, Nancy prepares for her big deal with U-Turn to get Peter off her back.  Celia learns Silas is responsible for the Anti-Drug sign thefts and sets out to get him.  Kat reveals she’s a thief and that she has to get to South America to get rid of hot poker chips.  Heylia has her own plan to deal with Peter, and a betrayal by U-Turn could turn deadly for Nancy and Conrad.  However, all might be moot when Silas reveals his hand in the situation.

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