Web-Warriors: Protectors of the Spider-Verse 1: Electroverse

web-warriors protectors of the spider-verse volume 1 electroverse cover review
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Story: 6/10
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Fun team

Under-developed story

Comic Info

Comic Name: Web-Warriors/Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 3)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer:  Mike Costa/Robbie Thompson

Artist:  David Baldeon/Denis Medri

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2016

web-warriors #1 cover variant skottie young

Web-Warriors #1 Variant

Reprints Amazing Spider-Man (3) #1 and Web-Warriors #1-5 (December 2015-May 2016).  The Web-Warriors have a mission to protect the Spider-Verse.  When they discover a cadre of Electros have also discovered the Spider-Verse and are secretly gaining powers, the Web-Warriors are in for the fight of their lives.  Cut off from the web, the Web-Warriors are scrambling for a means to stop the Electros and their leader the Battery which controls them all!

Written by Mike Costa with additional writing by Robbie Thompson, Web-Warriors;  Protectors of the Spider-Verse Volume 1:  Electroverse is a Marvel Comics series which spun out of the Spider-Man: Spider-Verse crossover event.  The series features art by David Baldeon and Denis Medri and also contains the Web-Warriors’ first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man (3) #1 (December 2015) which was also reprinted in Amazing Spider-Man:  Worldwide—Volume 1.

I bought the first issue of Web-Warriors but skipped it when it continued.  The fantastic Spider-Man:  Into the Spider-Verse renewed my interest in the series and had me going back to read the issues I missed (including the Spider-Verse storyline).  While the Spider-Verse movie was a lot of fun, Web-Warriors seems like it misses the mark at points.

web-warriors #3 cover variant

Web-Warriors #3 Variant

The story reels in a lot of fun characters.  I always felt like Anya got a raw deal in her own series so it is nice to see her taking a center stage here.  Additionally, I enjoyed the few appearances of Spider-Man Noir in his various surfacing including video games…plus, adding Spider-Gwen and an animated Spider-Pig is automatically more fun.  While the concept is just, the execution leaves something to be desired.

The story gets a bit bogged down in techno-garble.  I didn’t read the Spider-Verse and the basic set-up is a bit hard to follow with Web-Warriors based on Earth-001.  The whole means of travelling between the worlds and the problems the Web-Warriors have when they can’t link mean little to me and I don’t know that Costa did the best job creating the set-up for those who were “jumping on”.

Web-Warriors just isn’t quite there.  I like what it is trying, and I like the characters, but it just needs that extra push to make it good.  With the dangerous and deadly world of comic book publishing, if a series can’t grab on quickly, it is doomed (heck, it is sometimes doomed if it does grab quickly).  Web-Warriors feels like it faces the same fate.  Web-Warriors:  Protectors of the Spider-Verse 1:  Electroverse is followed by Web-Warriors:  Protectors of the Spider-Verse 2:  Spiders Vs.

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