We Are Robin 1: The Vigilante Business

we are robin volume 1 the vigilante business
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Comic Name: We Are Robin

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Lee Bermejo

Artist:  Jorge Corona/Rob Haynes/Khary Randolph/James Harvey/Carmine Di Giandomencio

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2016

we are robin #2 cover review

We Are Robin #2

Reprints We Are Robin #1-6 (August 2015-January 2016).  When Gotham needs heroes, Robins arise!  Duke Thomas is struggling with being in the foster system, but he has a new family in the Robins.  Teamed with Riko Sheridan, Daxton “Dax”, Isabella Ortiz, Troy Walker, and Dre Cipriani, the Robins learn that battling crime, even at a street level, can be dangerous and deadly…but who is their mysterious benefactor who is supplying them with technology to make their job easier?

Written by Lee Bermejo, We Are Robin Volume 1:  The Vigilante Business is a DC Comics Batman team book.  The series features art by Jorge Corona, Rob Haynes, Khary Randolph, James Harvey, and Carmine Di Giandomencio.

Batman has been endangering children for years.  With so many heroes in the world, the idea that there would be copycat heroes and villains, especially among kids, isn’t a stretch.  It is for that reason that We Are Robin Volume 1 is an intriguing title…unfortunately, the comic’s way of presenting this idea isn’t always the strongest.

we are robin #3 cover review

We Are Robin #3

The comic feels a bit like Runaways meets Secret Six.  You have a mysterious benefactor guiding these teens with troubled pasts and trying to steer them toward vigilantism rather than away from it.  It is a weird message since adults are supposed to “protect” the youth and not lead them to danger and makes Alfred look officially like the worst guardian.

The problem with the series is that the concept is there, but it doesn’t feel like there is much of a plan behind it.  Like many comics since Giant-Size X-Men #1, one of the team is killed (sorry Troy), but it no longer holds the shock value that it used to.  The collection has two little arcs as a result and neither arc feels satisfying…and comics really need to hit immediately nowadays to survive.

We Are Robin has a lot of potential, but I don’t think it reaches that potential in this volume.  The series needs to differentiate more of the Robins besides Duke, and it tries to.  With six characters and six issues an issue a character might have been a good way to roll out the team…and maybe have Troy bite it a bit later for more of an emotional impact.  If nothing else, the series has some great covers.  We Are Robin 1:  The Vigilante Business is followed by We Are Robin 2:  Jokers.

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