Warzones!: Korvac Saga

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6.5 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Art: 7/10

Korvac Saga feels closer to original Guardians

Feels forced and fast

Comic Info

Comic Name:   Guardians 3000/Korvac Saga

Publisher:   Marvel Comics

Writer:   Dan Abnett

Artist:   Nico Leon/Otto Schmidt

# of Issues:   7

Release Date:   2015

guardians 3000 #8 cover alex ross art charlie-27 vance astro starhawk martinex yonduReprints Guardians 3000 #6-8 and Kovac Saga #1-4 (May 2015-November 2015). The Guardians journey into the past to stop the danger seen by Geena, and the Guardians finds the source of the problems could be their old enemy Korvac. When reality collapses, the Guardian find themselves agents of Baron Korvac…but a plague in Baron Korvac’s land could bring down the wrath of Doom.

Written by Dan Abnett, Warzones!: Korvac Saga concludes the Guardians 3000 series (following Guardians 3000 Volume 1: Time after Time) and contains the four issue Secret Wars spinoff series Korvac Saga. The series features art by Nico Leon on Guardians 3000 #6-8 and Otto Schmidt art for the Korvac Saga.

The original Guardians of the Galaxy were my favorite. Though I enjoyed the relaunched Guardians of Guardians, I still wished for the return of the original Guardians. When the Guardians did return in Guardians 3000, they weren’t what I hoped for, but the Korvac Saga could have been the cure.

The first part of the book is Guardians 3000 and it starts to set-up an interesting Korvac storyline that returns the villain that had the Guardians first teaming with the Avengers. It feels like Abnett was going to do more with the storyline but it ran right into Secret Wars. Instead of being a clever overlapping story of time travel and shattered timelines, the comic comes off as hastily written and the characterizations of the Guardians feels generic and unbalanced (and little like the Guardians that populated the ’90s comic and earlier).

korvac saga #2 cover variant nikki moondragon captain marvel starhawk vance astro

Korvac Saga #2 Variant Cover

Korvac Saga goes even further back into the original Korvac Saga (from a story running in Avengers (1) #167-177). It ties a bit into the Guardians 3000 storyline, but it still feels Abnett had different plans for his story than what came out in the Korvac Saga. What I do like about the Korvac Saga is that it feels a bit more like the original Guardians than Guardians 3000. With so many character (aka the Avengers from the Korvac Saga time), it also feels that they don’t get enough time to develop. This is a problem with most of the Secret Wars spinoff series, but it is more painful here since the Guardians I loved don’t really exist at this point.

Warzones!: The Korvac Saga hurts because it is almost there. The characters are not who I remember them however and the series is doomed in today’s comic book market. Guardians 3000 ended with Secret Wars and with the rise in popularity with the “movie” Guardians of the Galaxy, the chances of a second Guardians of the Galaxy team surviving seems slim (at least Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced some of the original players). I wish Guardians were popular enough to get a Guardians ’93 series like X-Men…a person can dream.

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