Warzones!: Infinity Gauntlet

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5.5 Overall Score
Story: 5/10
Art: 8/10

Good art, Thanos design

Feels it misses the target with the titling of the series

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Infinity Gauntlet

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Gerry Duggan

Artist:  Dustin Weaver

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2015

warzones infinity gauntlet #1 cover variant skottie young thanos

Infinity Gauntlet #1 Variant

Reprints Infinity Gauntlet #1-5 (July 2015-January 2016).  Anwen and her family fight to stay alive on a war-torn Earth that is overrun with bugs.  When Anwen discovers an Infinity Gem, things seem to change with the return of her mother Eve and her ability to recruit them to the Nova Corps…unfortunately, Thanos is also watching.  He wants the Infinity Gauntlet and Anwen and her family is what is standing between him and completing it.  Now it is a game of cat and mouse as Thanos tries to ally himself with the family as they seek out the Infinity Gems…and there can only be one Infinity Gauntlet!

Written by Gerry Duggan and Dustin Weaver, Warzones!:  Infinity Gauntlet is a Marvel Comics limited series.  The series is a tie-in to the Secret Wars event series and features art by Dustin Weaver.

Secret Wars was a real mixed bag.  While the actual Secret Wars series didn’t grab me, some of the random and completely unexpected spin-off titles did.  I loved the original story The Infinity Gauntlet and had hopes for this series, but it didn’t hit.

Most of the Secret Wars mini-series titles take the idea that some big event warped the area of Battleworld and that is generally tied to either a specific series, character, or concept.  Infinity Gauntlet is more concept based.  Thanos has always wanted the Gauntlet and has always strove to assemble it.  Here, he’s doing it again and the players involved happen to be a family empowered by the Nova Corps in a world which seems to resemble Annihilation more than The Infinity Gauntlet.

warzones infinity gauntlet #3 cover

Infinity Gauntlet #3

This just becomes a Nova story (which isn’t bad), but I also feel that it an average Nova story.  The Infinity Gauntlet showed what Thanos could do with the power of the Gauntlet so even with an incomplete set, he feels like more than a match for the Novas.  The addition of Drax (though I do prefer the original Drax design used here) and the Guardians of the Galaxy just muddies the title which is already rather clunky.

Dustin Weaver’s art is solid, and I do like some of his character designs.  Weaver helped sculpt the story and I don’t know how the collaboration worked.  I’m less interested in his Nova designs than the Thanos design which is very good and holds the danger that Thanos needs to present.

Warzones!:  Infinity Gauntlet is a disappointment since it could have had interesting outcomes.  With little focus on the original series, I feel that more of the whole “Infinity Saga” could have been explored instead of the often revisited Infinity Gauntlet.  I would have liked to see the Magus or even more the Goddess return for this series as a threat…or just a really hard dive into The Infinity Gauntlet.  Unfortunately, I feel I got neither.

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