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Comic Name: Secret Invasion: War of Kings/War of Kings/War of Kings: Who Will Rule/Marvel Spotlight: War of Kings

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning

Artist: Paul Pelletier/Bong Dazo

# of Issues: 9

Release Date: 2010

war of kings #4 cover black bolt variant

War of Kings #4 Variant

Reprints Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1, War of Kings #1-6, War of Kings: Who Will Rule #1, and Marvel Spotlight: War of Kings #1 (March 2009-November 2009). The Skrull imposter has been killed, and the real Black Bolt is back. He’s taken Attilan and the Inhumans to space to face their creators the Kree. The Inhumans assume control of the Kree and betroth Crystal to Ronan the Accuser to join the two groups under the assumption that Inhumans will help jumpstart the Krees’ stalled genetics. Now a war has broken out between the Kree and the Shi’ar that runs deep, and the war could threaten the whole universe. It is up to the newly formed Guardians of the Galaxy, the Starjammers, and the Inhumans to stop Emperor Vulcan and the Shi’ar.

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, War of Kings is a Marvel Comics cosmic event series. Featuring art by Paul Pelletier and Bong Dazo, the series was also collected in War of Kings Omnibus.

The series has everything I like in the Marvel Universe.  It has the Starjammers, Inhumans, and the Guardians of the Galaxy…some of my favorite teams.  I looked forward to this collection and what it potentially could be.

war of kings #5 cover black bolt variant

War of Kings #5 Variant

I love Abnett and Lanning’s space series. They do a great job encompassing events going on in all areas of the Marvel Universe and from different times into a concise story that makes sense without reading a lot of side series.  Their writing feels more like the comic book writing I grew up with (aka much more wordy than some of the titles).  In that sense, this series is no different.

The series starts out of Secret Invasion (which I didn’t like) and Annihilation (which I did like), but also includes storylines from Uncanny X-Men: Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire and the massive old Avengers crossover series Operation: Galactic Storm. It is done seamlessly while also including characters from Guardians of the Galaxy in a way that makes sense instead of just seeming like a ploy to force the Guardians of the Galaxy (who Marvel was pushing at the time) on the readers.

I also have to like the series since it includes some of my favorite characters and the art isn’t over done like lots of series nowadays that try to outdo each other with art…and the art ends up just suffering as a result. The comic is a good stand alone series. There are a lot of characters, so reading some of the background stories (or the handily included Marvel Spotlight issue) might be recommended to get the full effect of what is going on. It also does a great job setting up the next series Realm of Kings.

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