Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

8.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
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Better than the original, more to do

If you didn't like the first one, you won't like the second one

Game Info

Game Name: Viva Pinata:  Trouble in Paradise

Developer(s): Rare

Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studio

Platform(s): Xbox 360

Genre(s): Strategy

Release Date(s): September 2, 2008

ESRB Rating: E


Oh, Professor Pester, how I loath you

Journey back to Piñata Island and help restore Piñata Central’s computer records on all the wild pinatas.  This means you’ll have to collect those pinatas again…and more!  You’ve got help from your assistants, but Professor Pester and his Ruffians are against you again (and they’re bringing more Sours).  You’ll have to go to new regions of Piñata Island to find missing species so be prepared to head to frozen north or arid desert…the piñatas and the children that love them are counting on you!

Viva Piñata:  Trouble in Paradise is the follow up to 2006’s Viva Piñata and is a Microsoft exclusive for the Xbox 360.  It was well received by critics, and many felt it improved on the first game’s format.


Amy sad! Amy sad!

What worked in Viva Pinata still works in Viva Pinata:  Trouble in Paradise.  It is a very creative game, full of fun characters, and interesting game play.  Added to the mix of the first one is the Pinata Central that you use to track what you know about your pinatas and more “pinata missions” that you can accomplish by meeting orders for pinatas all over the world…plus you can race your pinatas and teach them tricks.


This must be just like living in paradise!

An expanded multiplayer version allows four people to be working a garden at the same time so four of your friends can play or a mix of online players.  Trading with online players still works, but Viva Pinata:  Trouble in Paradise also works with the Xbox Live Vision which allows new items and pinatas to be scanned into the game from cards.

The addition of the snow and desert worlds introduces trapping to the game and also adds new dimensions to the existing garden by forcing the players to juggle more areas with desert, water, snow, and standard grasslands.  It can become quite difficult to decide how to direct your garden to get the characters you desire…plus add to that the standard problems of mating all the pinatas (that function works like the original.

Complete list of Piñatas in the game:


Let’s go to the races!

Arocknid, Badgesicle, Barkbark, Bispotti (NEW), Bonboon, Bunnycomb, Buzzenge, Buzzlegum, Camello (NEW), Candary, Cherrapin (NEW), Chewnicorn, Chippopotamus, Choclodocus (NEW), Chocstrich (NEW), Cinnamonkey, Cluckles, Cocoadile, Crowla, Custacean (NEW), Doenut, Dragonache, Dragumfly, Eaglair, Elephanilla, Fizzlybear, Flapyak (NEW), Fourheads, Fugehog, Galagoogoo, Geckie (NEW), Goobaa, Hoghurt (NEW), Hootyfruity (NEW), Horstachio, Jameleon, Jeli (NEW), Juicygoose, Kittyfloss, Lackatoad, Lemmoning (NEW), Lickatoad, Limeoceros (NEW), Macaraccoon, Mallowolf, Moojoo (NEW), Moozipan, Mothdrop, Mousemallow, Newtgat, Parmadillo (NEW), Parrybo, Peckanmix (NEW), Pengum (NEW), Pieena (NEW), Pigxie, Polollybear (NEW), Ponocky, Pretztail, Profitamole, Pudgeon, Quackberry, Raisant, Rashberry, Reddhott, Roario, Robean (NEW), S’morepion (NEW), Salamango, Sarsgorilla (NEW), Shellybean, Sherbat, Smelba (NEW), Sparrowmint, Squazzil, Swanana, Sweetle (NEW), Sweetooth, Syrupent, Taffly, Tartridge (NEW), Tigermisu (NEW), Twingersnap, Vulchurro (NEW), Walrusk (NEW), Whirlm, White Flutterscotch, and Zumbug

The already expansive list of piñatas has grown so that just means this will take you more time to finish.  Viva Piñata:  Trouble in Paradise was followed by Viva Piñata:  Pocket Paradise for the Nintendo DS and Viva Piñata:  Party Animals (a party game using the characters).  Check out Viva Piñata…The fun doesn’t stop!  Who doesn’t like raising a creature then bashing it open so other pinatas can eat on its sweet, delicious insides?

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