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veronica mars season 2 episode 1 normal is the watchword bus crash

Well…that certainly upped the ante

Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin) is imprisoned and facing jail time in the murder of Lily Kane (  ).  When a bus full of students on a field trip to meet with Neptune mayoral candidate Woody Goodman (Steve Guttenberg) goes over a cliff, Veronica (Kristen Bell) questions if she was meant to die with the rest of her classmates.  As Veronica and her father Keith (Enrico Colantoni) search for answers in the bus accident, Wallace (Percy Daggs III) finds himself involved with a new student named Jackie (Tessa Thompson) whose father is a suspect in the case.  With more and more questions popping up about the wreck, Veronica’s plans to graduate and leave Neptune forever might be in jeopardy.

Veronica Mars—Season 2 aired from September 9, 2005 to May 9, 2006 on the WB.  The series continued to gain fans and critical acclaim but faced a struggling viewership.

veronica mars season 2 episode 16 the rapes of graff arrested development michal cera percy daggs iii kristen bell

This guy says he knows about critical darlings and cancellations, Wallace!

Veronica Mars—Season 2 proves a lot of bad stuff happens in Neptune.  The first season was loaded with mysteries but all circling around the Lily Kane murder.  Here, you have more horrible stuff happening in this idyllic California town…Neptune straight up sucks.

Fortunately, Veronica Mars continues to be fun.  While there are many continuing mysteries, it felt like it was pared down a bit from the previous season and it could be because of the constant threat of living on the cancellation bubble.  The season feels even darker and more dangerous and even the solution of Veronica’s rape returns…despite this I felt the season ending was a bit rosier than expected.

veronica mars season 2 episode 20 look whos stalking krysten ritter kristen bell

Hey if you ever want to be a snarky PI, I can give you some tips…maybe even with superpowers

The cast continues to be sharp.  Kristen Bell is the girl who always has her friends back and it oozes off the screen.  She has a great supporting cast and this season seems to add more big names as the popularity of the show increased.  Kevin Smith and Lucy Lawless stopped by along with returns by Buffy vets Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter.  The series also features a mini-Arrested Development crossover with Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera appearing in an episode (and they know about critically acclaimed series threatened with cancellation).  It also adds nice supporting cast members with bigger roles for Harry Hamlin and Steve Gutenberg.  The series also features early roles for Krysten Ritter and Tessa Thompson.

veronica mars season 2 episode 20 look whos stalking steve guttenberg stripper

Oh that Mahoney…he’s always so wacky!

Veronica Mars does a nice job with the classic teen drama look that was pretty solidly established in shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It doesn’t do much to modify it, but it is well done and stylishly edited…which helps since the plots are often based on flashbacks and forced to dip into older episodes for clues.

Veronica Mars was a scary show to watch.  It wasn’t because horrible things often ended up happening to the characters, but more so that you would quit getting horrible things happening to the characters through cancellation.  Veronica Mars did return for season 3, but also faced the tricky “going to college” phase of a TV series…which along with a shortened season seemed to doom Veronica to legend.

Veronica Mars—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

veronica mars season 2 episode 1 normal is the watchword kristen bell krysten ritter

“Normal Is the Watchword”

2.1       Normal Is the Watchword Airdate:  09/28/05

Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin) is in prison, and Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) are trying to cope with it as Veronica attempts to live a normal life.  Tensions are high in Neptune after Logan’s beating by Weevil Navarro (Francis Navarro) and his gang, and Logan wakes up with a knife and accusations of murdering Felix.  Veronica’s father Keith (Enrico Colantoni) is on a book tour and dating Wallace’s mother Alicia (Erica Gimpel).  Logan finds himself hanging out more with Dick Casablancas (Kyle Gallner), Beaver Casablancas (Kyle Gallner), and their stepmother Kendell (Charisma Carpenter) after Veronica leaves him for Duncan Kane (Teddy Dunn).  When Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Meg (Alona Tal), and other students are kicked off the athletic team when they test positive for drugs, Veronica sets to clear Wallace’s name.  The possible suspects are huge including the son of Principal Van Clemmons (Duane Daniels) Vincent “Butters” Clemmons (Adam Hendershott).  A field trip to the Sharks baseball field to meet Neptune Mayoral candidate Woody Goodman (Steve Guttenberg) and his daughter Gia (Krysten Ritter) ends in tragedy.

veronica mars season 2 episode 2 drivers ed kevin smith clerk

“Drivers Ed”

2.2       Driver Ed Airdate:  10/05/05

The school bus that Veronica was supposed to be on goes off the road and killing the students and putting Meg in a coma.  With accusations against the bus driver, his daughter Jessie Doyle (Ari Graynor) asks Veronica to prove that her father wasn’t responsible.  Veronica questions the store clerk (Kevin Smith) who was the last person to talk to the driver before the accident to try to find the truth.  Wallace meets the daughter of baseball player Terrence Cook (Jeffrey D. Sams) named Jackie (Tessa Thompson) and agrees to find out who ran into her car.  Duncan spends more time with Kendell and is stuck going to the gun range with her husband Richard Casablancas (David Starzyk).  Keith has a big opportunity open up to him from Woody Goodman.

veronica mars season 2 episode 3 cheatty cheatty bang bang beaver kyle gallner kristen bell

“Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang”

2.3       Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang Airdate:  10/12/05

Veronica is asked by Beaver to catch his stepmother cheating after he discovers a condom wrapper in their home.  Veronica is pulled in by Sheriff Don Lamb (Michael Muhney) when a biker’s body washes up with Veronica’s name on his hand.  Logan and Veronica finds herself at odds with Wallace’s new girlfriend Jackie.  Keith spends a weekend retreat with Alicia in Chicago and run into someone from Alicia’s past.  Veronica uncovers the man was named David “Curley” Moran (Adam Bitterman) and that it has ties to the bus crash.  Veronica’s investigation of Kendall discovers something about Casablancas’ real estate company but also exposes Logan.

veronica mars season 2 episode 4 green eyed monster kristen bell

“Green-Eyed Monster”

2.4       Green-Eyed Monster Airdate:  10/19/05

Veronica is hired by a woman named Julie Bloch (Laura Bell Bundy) to investigate her fiancé.  Veronica questions why Weevil’s earing was found at the biker bar frequented by Curly Moran and learns that he received a tip that Curly was behind the wreck.  Alicia finds the man from Chicago has followed her back to Neptune and reveals to Keith that they used to date.  Jackie decides that Veronica is becoming a problem between her and Wallace.  When Meg’s sister comes to Duncan for help in clearing out Meg’s secret computer, Veronica calls Mac (Tina Majorino) for help and questions what Meg is hiding.  Keith investigates Nathan Woods (Cress Williams) and finds Alicia might be hiding things from him.

veronica mars season 2 episode 5 blast from the past percy daggs iii cress williams

“Blast from the Past”

2.5       Blast from the Past Airdate:  10/26/05

Wallace learns that Nathan Woods is his biological father and his mother left him after he went too deep undercover.  When Wallace, finds more information about his father, he suspects his mother lied about more than she first admitted.  Jackie discovers her credit card maxed out and asks Veronica to find out if her friend stole her card.  Keith’s past as a deputy could come back to haunt him as information about the bus crash is uncovered.  Veronica’s bugging of Sheriff Lamb’s office uncovers information on Jackie’s father and his baseball past.  Veronica uncovers new evidence on the bus wreck and her treatment of Jackie could change her relationship with Wallace.

veronica mars season 2 6 rat saw god logan jail aaron harry hamlin jason dohring

“Rat Saw God”

2.6       Rat Saw God Airdate;  11/09/05

The man claiming to make the anonymous call about what happened on the bridge comes forward and accuses Logan.  Keith loses the election and Woody Goodman wins the election for mayor.  Veronica finds Abel Koontz (Christian Clemenson) wants help in finding his daughter before he dies.  Logan is put in jail with his father who still maintains his innocence about the events of Lily’s death.  Logan’s release from jail causes problems with the PCH.  While searching for Amelia, Veronica finds herself aligning herself with Clarence Wiedman (Christopher B. Duncan) to find out the truth.

veronica mars season 2 episode 7 nobody puts baby in teh corner duncan teddy dunn kristen bell

“Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner”

2.7       Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner Airdate:  11/16/05

Logan continues his relationship with Kendall and asks Veronica to investigate the man claiming to be the eyewitness to Felix’s murder.  Duncan reveals he’s read Meg’s files and discovered Meg was babysitting a child being abused.  Veronica goes undercover as a babysitter to find Meg’s abuse victim.  Dick and Beaver get their trust funds and Kendall finds she has no source of income.  When Veronica and Duncan break into Meg’s house for evidence they find a bigger surprise.

veronica mars season 2 episode 8 ahoy mateys radio show

“Ahoy Mateys”

2.8       Ahoy Mateys Airdate:  11/23/05

Duncan feels guilty about his relationship with Veronica when he discovers a secret about Meg.  Veronica helps Logan investigate the plastic surgeon accusing Logan and Weevil learns that someone in PCH was selling drugs.  Keith is contacted by one of the victims of the bus crash and learns that they are being harassed after filing a suit in their son’s death.  Weevil confronts his gang about possible drug dealing and involvement with the Fitzpatrick gang.  Veronica finds the person harassing the victim’s family and learns the source.

veronica mars season 2 episode 9 my mother the fiend kristen bell baby

“My Mother, the Fiend”

2.9       My Mother, the Fiend Airdate:  11/30/05

Veronica and Duncan are assigned to raise a baby for health class.  Vice-Principal Clemmons bust Veronica for her break-in at his office and forces her to serve detention.  While serving detention, Veronica finds her mother’s file and questions her mother’s high school activities and her relationship with Celeste Kane.  Logan gets revenge on Weevil for sending his PCHers after him.  Trina (Alyson Hannigan) comes back to school to direct a play and finds herself in conflict with Kendall.  Beaver tries to hire Kendall and Mac to help him start a business.  As Veronica seeks out a secret baby, her mother’s real actions might be uncovered…and Meg’s secret is revealed.

veronica mars season 2 episode 10 one angry veronica juror kristen bell

“One Angry Veronica”

2.10     One Angry Veronica Airdate:  12/07/05

Veronica confronts Duncan about Meg’s pregnancy and learns Duncan knew about it…when they both get word that Meg is awake.  Meg’s return raises more questions and a request from Meg for Veronica.  Keith learns that the Aaron Echolls and Lily Cane sex tapes have been stolen and is asked by Woody to investigate the police to find out who took them.  Veronica finds herself stuck on jury duty during Christmas break on a case involving the beating of a prostitute.  When the court case hits a snag, Veronica finds herself stuck in a hung jury and debating if the case against white students is real.

veronica mars season 2 episode 11 donut run teddy dunn

“Donut Run”

2.11     Donut Run Airdate:  01/25/06

Meg is dead, and Duncan is being kept from his daughter Faith.  When Veronica finds Kendell at his apartment, Duncan makes a decision about their relationship.  When Duncan kidnaps Faith, Veronica is accused of being a co-conspirator.  Logan recruits Dick to try to help him find out who stabbed Felix.  Wallace is back in Neptune, but Veronica finds he’s lied about why…which could come back to haunt him.  As the search for Duncan increases, Sheriff Lamb finds himself having to deal with Agent Morris (Lucy Lawless) of the FBI.

veronica mars season 2 episode 12 richard and wallace go to white castle jackie tessa thompson bj britt

“Richard and Wallace Go to White Castle”

2.12     Richard and Wallace Go to White Castle Airdate:  02/01/06

Wallace decides he has to come forward about the hit-and-run involving a basketball superstar Rashard (B.J. Britt) in Chicago…but finds himself being accused of driving the car.  Keith breaks in to the police headquarters to steal tapes.  Weevil finds Felix was dating a Fitzpatrick, and Weevil questions if Patrick Fitzpatrick could be using the church to smuggle drugs…leading Weevil and Logan to contract Veronica for help.  Veronica and Keith set to prove Wallace innocent before he has to turn himself in.

veronica mars season 2 episode 13 aint no magic mountain high enough kristen bell stolen money

“Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough”

2.13     Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough Airdate:  02/08/06

Jackie finds her father accused of blowing up the bus and the target of students at school.  Terrance goes to Keith for help to prove himself innocent.  When the school class trip money is stolen from Veronica at the festival, Veronica must set out to find the real thief when the carnival goes into lockdown.

veronica mars season 2 episode 14 versatile toppings kristen bell

“Versatile Toppings”

2.14     Versatile Toppings Airdate:  03/15/06

A list of gay students is stolen from a pizza delivery driver, and Veronica is hired to find out who is blackmailing students to keep in the closet tied to a gay Neptune chat room.  Keith works to prove Terrance innocent and learns that he might have to deal with an angry casino owner to prove him innocent.  Logan carries on a secret relationship with Hannah (Jessy Schram) and uses it to get to her father who is the witness in the case.  A trip out with Jackie leads to a big discovery by Veronica.

veronica mars season 2 episode 15 the quick and the wed virginia williams

“The Quick and the Wed”

2.15     The Quick and the Wed Airdate:  03/22/06

Veronica’s discovery of C4 in Terrance’s hanger leads Keith to have to bring in the police.  A bachelorette party ends in disaster when the bachelorette Heidi (Virginia Williams) disappears…and Veronica is asked to find her.  Kendall Casablancas goes to Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin) and offers him a deal to make money.  When Terrance is shot, Keith must determine if Terrance is guilty or being framed.  Logan’s relationship with Hannah raises more problems and a chance of freedom.

veronica mars season 2 episode 16 the rapes of graff alia shawkat

“The Rapes of Graff”

2.16     The Rapes of Graff Airdate:  03/29/06

Logan’s relationship with Hannah is off after Logan promises her father that he won’t see her in exchange for recanting his testimony.  Veronica and Wallace visit Hearst College and finds herself teamed with Troy Vandegraff (Aaron Ashmore) for her tour with Dean (Michael Cera) as their tour guide.  Cliff contacts Keith for help when he finds himself tied up after sex by a woman named Daphne…who is really Veronica’s classmate Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret).  When a girl named Stacy Wells (Alia Shawkat) accuses Troy of drugging, raping, and shaving her head, Troy asks Veronica to help him.

veronica mars season 2 episode 21 happy go lucky court kristen bell


2.17     Plan B Airdate:  04/05/06

Weevil goes to Veronica to prove that Thumper killed Felix.  Logan wins a contest to push the plunger the demolition of Shark Field and is brought in to shadow Woody Goodman.  When Logan finds a recording from inside Woody’s home, Keith is brought in to investigate.  Mac worries that her relationship Beaver is in trouble when Beaver shows no interest in her.  When Sheriff Lamb refuses to do anything about Thumper, Weevil decides to take manner into his own hands.

veronica mars season 2 episode 18 i am god kristen bell dream

“I Am God”

2.18     I Am God Airdate:  04/11/06

Veronica is being haunted by death of her classmates, and the discovery of a new message from the wreck is raising new questions when she hears Dick Casablancas on the message.  Veronica learns Dick had a secret relationship with a girl on the bus and questions what the other classmates might be hiding.  Veronica gets news on her future but gets bad news about the Kane Scholarship.  Keith works on a case involving anxiety disorder and fake diagnosis.

veronica mars season 2 episode 19 never mind the buttocks kendall casablancas charisma carpenter rodney rowland

“Never Mind the Buttocks”

2.19     Nevermind the Buttocks Airdate:  04/18/06

Veronica questions if Weevil could be behind the bomb.  Jackie finds her family facing financial problems and tries to get a job at Veronica’s coffee shop.  Veronica searches for dog killed in a hit-and-run and learns that the car involved could have been at the bus crash site.  Weevil learns that the Fitzpatricks are cracking down on the gang and finds he might have to get involved.  Keith uncovers secret information on Kendall which points to a dark past.  Veronica’s search for the car leads to an intersection with Keith’s investigation.   A new discovery could mean problems for the prosecution of Aaron Echolls.

veronica mars season 2 episode 20 look whos stalking kristen bell chlamydia

“Look Who’s Stalking”

2.20     Look Who’s Stalking Airdate:  04/25/06

Prom is off, but Logan plans to throw a private prom.  Veronica learns that she has chlamydia and tries to determine how she got it.  Woody contacts Keith when he’s caught with a mistress who overdoses, but Keith finds helping Woody could be a problem.  Gia worries she’s being stalked, and Veronica and Gia uncover that her father’s stalker has returned.  The big Neptune incorporation vote comes up, Keith and Veronica learn that their stalker might be more than just a stalker.  Veronica’s trip to the alterna-prom could lead to a change with her relationship with Logan.  With the arrest of Lucky (James Jordan), Keith could learn the truth about Woody as the truth about Terrance is about to go public.

veronica mars season 2 episode 21 happy go lucky court kristen bell


2.21     Happy Go Lucky Airdate:  05/02/06

Aaron Echolls is on trial and Veronica is in the line of fire due to her relationship with Duncan, Logan, and Lilly.  Lucky finds himself fired from his job at Neptune High…leading to a shooting that could expose Lucky’s tie to Woody.  Weevil tries to get help to pass his algebra, and Veronica sets him up with Beaver for help which leads to a reconciliation with Mac.  Evidence frees Terrance from prison but puts him under the control of the casino’s owner Lobo.  The truth about Lucky is about to be revealed as the Aaron Echolls verdict prepares to be announced.

veronica mars season 2 episode 22 not pictured beaver kyle gallner

“Not Pictured”

2.22     Not Pictured Airdate:  05/09/06

Aaron Echolls has been cleared of charges in Lilly’s death and is now a free man.  Wallace discovers Jackie is gone and tries to cope with her leaving.  Woody is on the run for molestation charges and a big reward has been offered for his capture.  Veronica prepares for graduation and wonders what would happen if her life hadn’t been turned upside down. Weevil’s plans for graduation are derailed by an arrest for murder, and Wallace has plans to seek out Jackie…but has Veronica is forced to expose the truth about Jackie.  When Keith tracks down Woody, the real version of what happened on the bus crash is revealed, and Veronica finds herself in danger again when she realizes the person behind the bus crash.

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