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veep season 2 episode 3 hostages selina gun julia louis dreyfus

Selina’s back and taking no prisoners!

Things aren’t going well for Selena (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).  The midterms are here for the President, and she seems to be the scapegoat for everything going wrong with the administration.  As Selena and her staff try to maintain control, Selena and her media blunders could be her undoing.  Washington, D.C. is a man’s world and Selena could be the “man” that Washington needs!

Veep—Season 2 aired from April 14, 2013 to June 23, 2013 on HBO.  The series continued to receive critical acclaim and received Primetime Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Tony Hale) with nominations for Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Anna Chlumsky).

veep season 2 episode 5 helsinki selina groped dave foley julia louis dreyfus

No way anyone in a political office would even consider groping a woman…right?

I like Veep, but for some reason I don’t love Veep.  It might be the political climate in this country, and it might be that the writing is too much on point with the current issues facing America.  Regardless, I find it kind of difficult to pound out the short episodes though it is a perfect cast with great writing.

This season lays out Selena’s future.  The series has her pointed to the White House.  The series generally focuses on episodic stories with bigger stories running throughout.  The whole spy and possible impeachment sometimes like it should be more of a focus and leaves you wanting the script to look at the bigger picture at times.

veep season 2 episode 9 running walks through glass door selina bloody julia louis dreyfus

Selina’s not afraid to break the glass ceiling…or at least glass doors

The cast however is perfect.  The scripting is a lot about timing, and the group has timed their jokes.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is great as the lead but the core surrounding her is fun (though a majority are unlikable…much like Washington).  The season introduces Ben Cafferty and (Kevin Dunn) and Kent Davison (Gary Cole) who play bigger roles as the White House administration.

The show looks big budget, but it actually could do more with Washington.  The series would benefit from location shoots, but I’m guessing since the characters are supposed to travel with security that shooting in Washington would be very, very difficult.

Veep—Season 2 maintains the strength, but I think the short series is difficult to get into.  I keep thinking about pounding out the whole series since it is so short, but it is still draining.  Washington is a mess and Veep highlights this.  While House of Cards is the gritty drama of Washington, Veep is supposed to be the fun comedy but in the humor of the situation, is actually more realistic…and depressing.

Veep—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

veep season 2 episode 1 midterms gary cole julia louis dreyfus fight


2.1       Midterms Airdate:  04/14/13

Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) works on the midterm elections and things aren’t going well for the President’s party.  Dan (Reid Scott) learns that Roger Furlong (Dan Bakkedahl) is targeting him…but a change in Washington could save him.  Amy (Anna Chlumsky) learns her father has had a stroke and tries to deal with it from the office.  Kent Davison (Gary Cole) returns as a strategist and has new plans for Selina’s role in the administration.

veep season 2 episode 2 signals daughter sarah sutherland julia louis dreyfus


2.2       Signals Airdate:  04/21/13

Dan learns that Mike (Matt Walsh) is suffering a money crisis and tries to forget about it.  Jonah (Timothy Simons) plans a Rural America initiative but Selina and her party learns that Selina’s secret signals have been leaked to the tabloids with Gary (Tony Hale)  learns that his girlfriend Dana (Jessica St. Clair) could be the leak.  Roger Furlong tries to get into see Selina but runs into Sue (Sufe Bradshaw).  Selina’s daughter Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) writes a film study on the pro-Palestinian documentary 5 Broken Cameras and finds that it has caused a political crisis.

veep season 2 episode 3 hostages sue robust sufe bradshaw


2.3       Hostage Airdate:  04/28/13

Selena heads to the Marine Corps Base to give a head-to-head speech with the Secretary of Defense Maddox (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) in regards to hostages in Uzbekistan.  When Sue is called before a Congressional hearing and “steals” Selena’s word, a war erupts about what the President should do…but a schedule mix up from Sue’s substitute Cliff (Craig Cackowski) leads to a conflict.

veep season 2 episode 4 the vic allen dinner selina sings julia louis dreyfus

“The Vic Allen Dinner”

2.4       The Vic Allen Dinner Airdate:  05/05/13

A photo of crisis room is released and Selena finds that it makes her look bad.  Jonah gets West Exec parking…and holds it over everyone, but Dan and Mike realize that Jonah has problems with  Kent.  Selena learns that her staff isn’t happy and tries to win them back as she prepares for the Vic Allen Dinner.  Mike is picked by Kent for a special assignment and Jonah is assigned to Selena…which cause big problems.

veep season 2 episode 5 helsinki angry birds clock julia louis dreyfus


2.5       Helsinki Airdate:  05/12/13

Selena’s team tries to spin bad press from her Vic Allen Dinner song.  Mike, Jonah, and Dan see that they are out of their elements and try to adjust their new work flow.  Mike learns that the White House is dealing with a new crisis, and Selena might be the distraction they use to cover the President’s tracks.  Selena has an uncomfortable encounter with Osmo Häkkinen (Dave Foley) the husband of Finland’s Prime Minister Minna Häkkinen (Sally Phillips).

veep season 2 episode 6 andrew ex-husband david pasquesi julia louis dreyfus anna chlumsky


2.6       Andrew Airdate:  05/19/13

Selena works on the debt negotiations but finds it is bleeding into Catherine’s 21st birthday celebration.  Selena tries to deal with her ex-husband and the staff worries that Selena will succumb to Andrew (David Pasquesi) again.  Amy dates one of Selena’s fundraisers Ed Webster (Zach Woods).  A disastrous dinner could lead to a public meltdown for Selena.

veep season 2 episode 7 shutdown tony hale garbage


2.7       Shutdown Airdate:  06/02/13

The President is stalling on signing the budget, and the government is in shutdown…which lands on Selena.  Sue and Dan use the shutdown to shop for options.  When Gary has Selena’s trash hauled away by a private contractor, Gary finds he has to get the garbage back.

veep season 2 episode 8 first response interview julia louis dreyfus allison janney sarah sutherland david pasquesi

“First Response”

2.8       First Response Airdate:  06/09/13

Selena prepares for a puff piece with her friend Janet Ryland (Allison Janney) but doesn’t know that Janet is preparing to go for the throat.  When Selena learns that Andrew has caused her more problems, Selena finds a new email scandal…but she could spin it into something good.

veep season 2 episode 9 running race julia louis dreyfus


2.9       Running Airdate:  06/16/13

Dan secretly works for Danny Chung (Randall Park) and finds that Amy might have the same idea.  Selena walks through a glass door before her plans to meet donors but when her pain pills react with her antidepressants, Selena’s people find she’s high.  The President gets word that someone is challenging him, and Selena is asked to make a statement on potentially running.

veep season 2 episode 10 dc selina running for president julia louis dreyfus


2.10     D.C. Airdate:  06/23/13

The President is facing impeachment, and Selena has decided not to be Vice President for the second term.  Selena’s people seek new work, but Selena gets big new on the President’s future.

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