Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

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Some fun deaths

Bland sequel to a bland horror movie

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Movie Name:  Urban Legends:  Final Cut

Studio:  Original Film

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  September 22, 2000

MPAA Rating:  R


The fake movie at the beginning of the film is more interesting than the real movie

The prestigious Hitchcock Award is up for grab and a class of film students are competing for the big prize.  When Amy Mayfield (Jennifer Morrison) decides to base her film around the reenactment of urban legends, the movie she is making takes a horrible turn when the crimes begin to become real.  As more and more “urban legends” are acted out, Amy and her friends find themselves the target of a killer…and the murder could be anyone.

Directed by John Ottman, Urban Legends:  Final Cut is the sequel to the 1998 horror film Urban Legend.  The movie was released to negative reviews and a modest box office return for the cost of production.

Urban Legend wasn’t that great of a movie.  The genre was already tired and the whole Scream style of movies also were doing their number on traditional horror…further weakening it.  Urban Legends:  Final Cut isn’t really worth watching.


You took my kidney…just get me out of this movie!!!

The movie’s basic plot feels like more of the same from the first Urban Legend.  The movie also really starts stretching for “classic urban legends”, but both movies miss major classic stories.  The problem with basing a story around a theme is that it becomes tied to that theme and if the theme isn’t that good it becomes harder and harder to make a story.  It also becomes a very obvious “twist” driven plot and lacks scares.

The cast is ho-hum and houses little surprises or stars.  Despite the return of Loretta Devine and a cameo by Rebecca Gayheart, the cast is all new.  Jennifer Morrison is a rather bland lead and Matthew Davis plays a duel role.  Other “stars” Eva Mendes, Joey Lawrence, and Anthony Anderson have relatively small roles despite their larger fame.  The rest of the cast is so uninspired you don’t really care where the story goes.


A fencer faced killer…scary…or not

The visuals of a movie are an important part of a horror film especially.  This movie doesn’t really leave you with any impressive deaths or memorable scenes.  That is a big problem if you expect people to go out and recommend a gimmick based horror film…at least try to make it extreme like Final Destination or Saw.

Urban Legends was a bad franchise and fortunately was cut rather short.  The first movie was ok at best and this film was poor at best.  It wasn’t the end of the line for Urban Legends however.  A straight-to-DVD sequel Urban Legends:  Bloody Mary followed in 2005.

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