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Completely original

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Game Name:  Untitled Goose Game

Developer(s): House House

Publisher(s): Panic

Platform(s): Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC

Genre(s): Strategy

Release Date(s):  September 20, 2019 (Switch/PC)/December 17, 2019 (PS4/Xbox One)

ESRB Rating: E

untitled goose game screenshots gameplay boy lost glasses

This goose is a dick

Hell has come to a small English town.  This hell takes the form of a feathered beast who is terrorizing the population, causing havoc, and doing damage.  It is a goose.  The townspeople have something the goose needs, and it is on a nonstop mission to get it back…no matter who gets in its way!!!

Untitled Goose Game is a strategy game developed by House House and produced by Panic.  The game was originally released as a download for the Switch and PC but then gained a release for PS4 and Xbox One.  It was received with critical acclaim and quickly gained a cult following.

I heard about Untitled Goose Game from my friend but I wasn’t able to play it because I didn’t have enough room on my Switch which has pretty limited space (damn you, Nintendo!!!).  Once I got an expansion, I picked up Untitled Goose Game…and found it completely original and addictive.

untitled goose game gardener graphics gameplay screenshots

Get the f@#! out of my way!!!

The game essentially is a “survival” stealth game with you playing as a really obnoxious goose.  Your goose enters the city and is given a list of objects that it must complete and generally one of the objectives opens the next area of play.  The goals are all in good fun, but goes to show you how much a jerk an angry goose can be (having grown up around geese, I can confirm this is true).  The goals can be simple or layered, and it does take some patience to unwrap them although little need too much thought to figure out.

The graphics are minimal.  The game was initially based on a stock photo of a goose and developed around that.  Despite the minimal nature of the game, there is something extremely natural about the goose and the graphics surrounding it.  The people are very cartoonish and a little less developed than I would have liked, but the goose is perfect (and that is key to a game surrounding it).  The graphics are combined with a low-key score that is reminiscent of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood…and makes you imagine Mr. Rogers getting angry at a goose.

untitled goose game ending lost bells screenshots gameplay

I am king of bells!!!

Part of the reason the game works is the perfect goose.  It moves and has controls exactly like you expect if you were “controlling” a goose.  It waddles, can charge and speed up, and utilizes its long neck to reach objects.  I wish that the wings flapping had a little more of an effect (aka to scare people or even giving the goose a slight jump when combined with moment), but the game would be too easy if the goose could get airborne.

Untitled Goose Game is a fun game that does make you think.  I can say that the puzzles are fun, and unlike many strategy games which requires the player to deep dive into ways to solve the puzzles, Untitled Goose Game generally is pretty self-explanatory on its solutions (sometimes you can essentially just overpower the people if you grab something).  If you are looking for a completely original game, check out Untitled Goose Game.  With its popularity, I’m sure we’ll have some sort of sequel…or even another animal?  How about Untitled Squirrel Game?

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