Unity 6: The War-Monger

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Feels like the team needs to be more expansive

Comic Info

Comic Name: Unity

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist:  Jose Luis/Sandro Ribeiro/Alisson Rodrigues/Livesay/Jeft Palo

# of Issues: 4

Release Date: 2015

unity #19 cover variant war monger

Unity #19 Variant

Reprints Unity #19-22 (June 2015-September 2015).  War-Monger has returned!  A plague on humanity from the ancient past, War-Monger demonstrates an ability to cause fighting and wars…but her biggest target is Unity and other superhumans.  War-Monger faces off against the new Unity team and finds that defeating them might be easier than she ever expected, but Unity might have a secret member that could spell her doom!

Written by Matt Kindt, Unity Volume 6:  The War-Monger is a Valiant Comics superhero comic book.  Following Unity Volume 5:  Homefront, the collection features art by Jose Luis, Sandro Ribeiro, Alisson Rodrigues, Livesay, and Jeft Palo.

I found the last volume of Unity a bit ho-hum.  It was a set-up for a final battle that was less than impressive.  In the final issue, War-Monger was introduced as Unity’s next villain, and War-Monger turns out to be an interesting ride.

unity #21 cover war-monger

Unity #21

The character of War-Monger is kind of like the flip-side of Gilad.  An eternal character, she has been a bane for centuries.  Marvel has a similar named character in the Hate Monger, and it is a bit of a trope…but War-Monger is still effective.  Unlike a lot of storylines which could have War-Monger using real pointed hatred/racism, but here, War-Monger’s actions aren’t the focus as much as the result (which is probably a good thing).  It doesn’t become a political statement as much as a character bent on stirring chaos.

I have also felt that Unity is a bit too tight.  It seems like the team needs to be more expansive.  I like the addition of GIN-GR and it is good that X-O is back in this volume, but I feel the team needs more blood.  Anchor was added for (literally) a brief hit, but it felt good to have more of team aspect for Unity…I don’t know that they need to play baseball like the X-Men, but it would be good to see more interaction between the members and one or two more members added.

The Valiant Universe needs Unity, but I also feel that Unity needs some more sculpting.  I liked this volume because I liked the antagonist of War-Monger, but it feels like Unity is just close to getting over the hump and not quite there.  With over twenty-issues, it feels like Unity should be a bit farther along, but hopefully the idea will continue.  Unity 6:  The War-Monger is followed by Unity 7:  Revenge of the Armor Hunters.

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