Unity 3: Armor Hunters

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7.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 8/10

A better collection than volume 2, good art

Somewhat scattered plot due to tie-in factor

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Unity

Publisher:  Valiant Comics

Writer:  Matt Kindt

Artist: Stephen Segovia

# of Issues:  4

Release Date:  2014


Unity #10 Minecraft Variant

Reprints Unity #8-11 (June 2014-September 2014).  The Armor hunters have come to Earth and Unity finds themselves battling for the planet without their strongest member.  With Aric out of the mix, Ninjak and Gilad find themselves travelling globe to put out fires while Livewire struggles with her own humanity…and the Armor Hunters cannot be stopped!

Written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Stephen Segovia, Unity Volume 3:  Armor Hunters ties in with the larger Valiant Comics event series Armor HuntersFollowing Unity Volume 2:  Trapped by Webnet, Unity 3:  Armor Hunters is also reprinted in the Armor Hunters Deluxe Edition and Unity Deluxe Edition—Volume 1.

Unity is a non-team team book.  The characters really only come together to fight threats.  This volume of Unity has ties to the bigger Armor Hunters series that had a bunch of tie-ins.  While X-O Manowar and Armor Hunters form the core of this story, Unity’s Armor Hunters story feels more like a filler series.


Unity #11

The series doesn’t really flow very well in the issues in this collection.  A lot of what is going on with Aric isn’t covered here and much of the action involves Ninjak and Gilad flying around the planet and putting out fires.  The substory involving Livewire and questions about her origins is alright, but the whole storyline doesn’t seem to have much thrust.

I do commend the art for the series.  Overall, Valiant Comics really does pull on a strong art talent.  I do however feel with the non-team and rather generic looking characters that the series needs something…dare I even say uniforms?  I don’t know that I’d go that far because uniforms always rub me the wrong way, but I think something is needed to give the book more of a team feel since it is supposed to be the Valiant Universe’s premiere team.

Unity has been a really weird team book.  In the Marvel Universe, I’d probably pick Defenders of the ’90s Secret Defenders as a possible comparison.  The reason being is that the book really doesn’t have much of a flow or a really solid roster.  The characters are working together, but seem disconnected at the same time.  If the group is going to be a team, I feel that they need some team bonding, like an X-Men baseball game or something.  It is cheesy and overdone, but the characters really need to start connecting and functioning as a team.  Unity 3:  Armor Hunters was followed by Unity 4:  The United.

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