Ultimate Fantastic Four 5: Crossover

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Clever introduction of the Marvel Zombies

Lame Namor storyline

Comic Info

Comic Name: Ultimate Fantastic Four

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Mark Millar

Artist: Greg Land

# of Issues: 6

Release Date:  2006


Ultimate Fantastic Four #21

Reprints Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-26 (September 2005-February 2006). Reed Richards probes into the Negative Zone unleashes an army of zombies and his only hope might be Magneto. Plus Sue and Johnny’s mother returns from the dead and reveals Atlantis is real. With the revelation, the Fantastic Four finds themselves in conflict with Prince Namor.

Written by Mark Millar, Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 5: Crossover followed Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 4:  Inhuman. The collection features art by Greg Land.

In what would generally be considered a middle tier book, the comic had a big impact across the Marvel Universe and helped to spawn a spin-off franchise.  While most of the Ultimate Fantastic Four has been rather forgettable, this collection has some teeth (literally).

Following the Ultimate FF’s meeting with the Inhumans, Millar introduces a new group of villains which were not mainstays of the traditional Marvel Universe. The Marvel Zombies were revealed in a way that made it appear that the Ultimate Marvel Universe was meeting the Marvel Universe. From everything leading up to the actual issue, Millar made it look like the crossover that was rumored was finally happening but then played a smart “switcharoo” on readers by having it being a dead Marvel Universe. The Marvel Zombies I think work well in here as a couple issue fun surprise guest, but as series leaders aren’t very enjoyable.


Ultimate Fantastic Four #25

The second half of the Crossover collection really doesn’t have anything to do with crossover and is actually titled “The Tomb of Namor”. This is smart because it is a pretty weak story and in the comics was backed up by a chapter of Ultimate Vision. The idea that Namor is actually an out-and-out criminal is sort of fun and doesn’t have him blurring the lines like in the traditional Marvel Universe but his introduction is weak and the return of Sue and Johnny’s mom reads like it is from a bad soap opera.

Ultimate Fantastic Four is one of those books that is enjoyable to read but not very good. This is a good example of why with about half the issues being worth reading. The Ultimate line was suppose to spark new readers. I think that by this point in the entire line that a big decline was already occurring. It was fun while it lasted but now it just feels like another “What If?” storyline like Heroes Reborn or something. It is kind of a shame that the zombies just didn’t eat everyone and end it…before *shutter* Ultimatum.  Ultimate Fantastic Four 5:  Crossover was followed by Ultimate Fantastic Four 6:  Frightful.

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