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Series feels like it is lacking direction at points in the season but still is better than most of what was available at the time

twin peaks season 2 episode 22 beyond life and death man from another place michael j anderson dance

Twin Peaks is back! Stop by for a little song and dance!

Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is close to solving the murder of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), but even if he does there are still more dangers and threats in Twin Peaks. Cooper’s past is going to come back to haunt him when his former partner turned psychopath Windom Earle (Kenneth Welsh) comes to Twin Peaks for revenge but also in a search for the legendary Black Lodge. Cooper must find the Black Lodge first, and it could just reveal the truth he has been seeking.

Twin Peaks—Season 2 aired from September 30, 1990 to June 10, 1991 on ABC. The series suffered falling ratings but still was well received by critics. It was nominated for Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor (Kyle MacLachlan), Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series (Episode 25), Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series (Episode 25), and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Piper Laurie). The episodes were not initially titled and were numbered (Episode 8-Episode 29).

twin peaks season 2 episode 16 the condemned woman donna audrey shelly laura flynn boyle sherilyn fenn madchen amick

Who will be the next Laura Palmer?

Twin Peaks took off with a bang. There were pictures with the cast everywhere and everyone wanted to know “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” (this was also followed up by “Who Shot Cooper?” in an homage to Dallas). With so much anticipation it is hard to keep up with the expectation. I still vividly remember watching “Lonely Souls” in a hotel in Macon, Georgia where the killer of Laura Palmer was revealed, and I also remember watching the final episode with sadness that we’d never know what came next. While the season is unbalanced, it is good to revisit Twin Peaks.

twin peaks season 2 the condemned woman josie trapped in knob joan chen

Ok…weird even in Twin Peaks standards (at least before The Return)

The series really suffered from viewer fatigue. Today, there will be mysteries drawn out for an entire series with little gives throughout the running of a series. In 1990 that wasn’t as common place so to get to the end of short run of the first season and not have an answer to “Who Killed Laura Palmer” put off a lot of people (especially considering Lynch’s storyline became weirder and weirder). This season eventually solved the case but then lacked the direction of the first season. Windom Earle wasn’t as compelling as Laura Palmer’s murder and the Black Lodge didn’t develop enough until the end. Plus, the humor aspect gets ratcheted up with plots like Nadine’s superhuman return to high school and the Lucy-Andy-Dick story.  It felt like a lot of short story nuances and that the series was worried about cancellation more than big stories…and it almost became a parody of itself.

twin peaks season 2 episode 13 checkmate leo johnson eric da re

Leo’s not happy about his coma season

The series also began to introduce more and more cast members. The core cast continues to be solid, but with such a big cast, adding characters meant that popular characters disappeared for episodes at a time (like James who just rode off into the sunset and Hank who went to jail never to return). This season has young appearances by Molly Shannon, Heather Graham, Billy Zane, and David Duchovny along with some established actors like Royal Dano, Dan O’Herlihy, and David Warner. While it is fun to see them, it leaves you wanting more of the people you followed in season 1.

The series continues to excel visually. The show started to stretch more and more into the visions and illusions. The season is filled with strange transitions and extended scenes where the oddity is the visual combined with the acting…it still works.

twin peaks season 2 episode 22 beyond life and death killer bob windom earl frank silva kenneth welsh

Sorry Windom…not anywhere near as scary as BOB

Twin Peaks—Season 2 just never feels like it takes hold. Despite that, I still love it and would watch it over many other current series and most other dramas from the 1990s. For all of its faults (like the Mayor storyline, the completely forgotten “Little Nicky” character, and Josie’s soul getting trapped in a nightstand), Twin Peaks is still a great ride. With the series cancellation, it looked like the ride was over. Audrey’s fate at the bank and Donna’s “who is my father?” crisis looked like they never would be solved. Lynch teased viewers hoping to find answers in 1992 with Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk with Me which actually served as a prequel to Season 1.  In 2017, Twin Peaks returned and the hope of answers to some of the nagging questions resurfaced…though Lynch will be sure to leave you hanging and wanting more.

Twin Peaks—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide

twin peaks season 2 episode 1 may the giant be with you cooper shot kyle maclachlan

“May the Giant Be With You”

2.1       May the Giant Be With You Airdate:  09/30/90

Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) has been shot and is visited by the Giant (Carel Struycken).  Nadine (Wendy Robie) has fallen into a coma from the suicide attempt while Catherine (Piper Laurie) remains missing after the mill fire.  After killing Jacques, Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) also is struggling as his behavior grows more erratic and a shocking physical surprise.  James (James Marshall) finds himself jailed due to the drugs planted by Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), and Donna (Laura Flynn Boyle) and Maddy (Sheryl Lee) worry that they’ll be tied to Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn).  Agent Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) is called in to investigate Cooper’s shooting.  The one-armed man (Al Strobel) comes looking for Sheriff Truman (Michael Ontkean).  Cooper looks at connections between the murderer and FleshWorld magazine.  Bobby makes peace with his father Major Briggs (Don Davis) and realizes Hank (Chris Mulkey) is the man who shot Leo Johnson (Eric Da Re).  Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) learns that working at One Eyed Jacks might be more dangerous when she crosses Blackie O’Reilly (Victoria Catlin).  Ronnette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine) wakes from her coma.

twin peaks season 2 episode 2 coma log lady major briggs don davis catherine e coulson


2.2       Coma Airdate:  10/06/90

Cooper finds Ronnette has awakened but is unable to speak.  Donna starts delivering Meals on Wheels to track Laura’s path.  Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) and Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) try to figure out how to get the deed for the mill, and Ben learns that Audrey is missing.  Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) gets bad news from the doctor which changes his relationship with Lucy (Kimmy Robertson).  Audrey gets the upper-hand on her boss Emory Battis (Don Amendolia) and gets the scoop on her father’s ties to Laura (Sheryl Lee) and One Eyed Jacks.  Bobby tries to convince Shelly (Madchen Amick) that Leo’s condition could get them the money they need.  After a meeting with the Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson), Major Briggs reveals startling unearthly evidence to Cooper about his shooting.  Donna discovers that James and Madeleine could be growing closer than she hoped.

twin peaks season 2 episode 3 the man behind the glass leland palmer wanted poster ray wise

“The Man Behind the Glass”

2.3       The Man Behind the Glass Airdate:  10/13/90

Audrey is held prisoner at One Eyed Jacks as Jean Renault (Michael Parks) seeks revenge on Agent Cooper for his brother Jacques’ death.  Agent Cooper questions the Giant’s words and tries to find the link to the suspect in the murders.  The one-armed man meets with Sheriff Truman but could have the key to finding Killer BOB.  Lucy meets with Dick Tremayne (Ian Buchanan) and reveals her pregnancy to him.  Nadine wakes form her condition…with a problem.  Madeleine and James continue to grow closer much to the dismay of Donna who finds a new lead in the form of a Meals-On-Wheels agoraphobic patient named Harold Smith (Lenny von Dohlen).  The hypnosis of Dr. Jacoby leads to an arrest in the murder of Jacques.

twin peaks season 2 episode 4 lauras secret dirary jean renault audrey sherilyn fenn

“Laura’s Secret Diary”

2.4       Laura’s Secret Diary Airdate:  10/20/90

Leland is under arrest for Jacques’ murder and Cooper and Truman question what to do about it.  A food critic named M.T. Wentz is coming to town and has Ben Horne, Norma (Peggy Lipton), and Hank on pins and needles in attempts to impress him…or her.  Donna spends time with Harold and learns that Laura’s second diary was given to him personally.  Jean Renault meets with Ben about Audrey’s kidnapping and ransom, and Ben goes to Cooper for help.  Josie (Joan Chen) returns to learn that Catherine’s body is still missing, but Pete is about to discover her affair with Truman.  Josie’s “cousin” Jonathan (Mak Takano) arrives from Hong Kong to tie up loose ends including Hank.

twin peaks season 2 episode 5 the orchids curse donna harold lenny von dohlen laura flynn boyle

“The Orchid’s Curse”

2.5       The Orchid’s Curse Airdate:  10/27/90

Donna and Madeleine must bury the hatchet when they decide to steal Laura’s diary back from Harold.  Andy gets good news from the doctor, but bad news on where Lucy has gone.  Judge Sternwood (Royal Dano) hears the cases against Leland and Ben and tries to make a decision.  Jean plots to kill Agent Cooper to avenge his brother, and Audrey could become collateral damage…fortunately, Cooper and Truman might have the jump on the plans.

twin peaks season 2 episode 6 demons josie ben horne joan chen richard beymer


2.6       Demons Airdate:  11/03/90

Donna and Madeleine have failed to get the diary from Harold and are forced to go to the police.  Agent Cooper has saved Audrey from One-Eyed Jacks, but Audrey’s father learns Audrey’s knowledge of his actions could be dangerous.  Josie prepares to return to home but learns leaving with her money from Ben Horne could be just as difficult as saying goodbye to Truman.  Bobby and Shelly welcome Leo back home from the hospital but discover their plans for his insurance could fall short.  Cooper’s boss Gordon (David Lynch) arrives in Twin Peaks to help with the investigation…just in time to help in the questioning of the one-armed man.

twin peaks season 2 episode 7 lonely souls leland kills maddy ray wise sheryl lee

“Lonely Souls”

2.7       Lonely Souls Airdate:  11/10/90

Audrey confronts her father about One-Eyed Jacks and Laura for a shocking result.  An attempt to have MIKE identify the man at the lodge who is inhabited by BOB appears to fail.  Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) finds Harold has taken matters into his own hands and Laura’s secret diary could reveal the truth about BOB to Agent Cooper.  Madeleine prepares to say goodbye to Twin Peaks and her final goodbyes to her cousin.  Bobby and Shelly seek to find a way to cover Leo’s medical costs, and Bobby discovers Leo had some secrets of his own.  Cooper thinks he has his man, but the truth about BOB will be revealed…as well as Laura’s killer!

twin peaks season 2 episode 8 drive with a dead girl cooper truman kyle maclachlan michael ontkean

“Drive with a Dead Girl”

2.8       Drive with a Dead Girl Airdate:  11/17/90

Leland is possessed by BOB, and the killer of both Laura and her cousin Maddie.  As BOB uses Leland to cover his tracks, Cooper finds himself trying to track down MIKE who has escaped from custody.  Harry decides he must make a move and makes an arrest in the murder of Laura Palmer…much to the delight of BOB.  Norma’s mother Vivian (Jane Greer) is in town and has a new husband named Ernie Niles (James Booth), but Hank could know more about Vivian’s new husband than she even does.

twin peaks season 2 episode 9 arbitrary law leland palmer death ray wise kyle maclachlan miguel ferrer michael ontkean

“Arbitrary Law”

2.9       Arbitrary Law Airdate:  12/01/90

Maddie’s body has been found, and Cooper realizes the second death could be the means to capture the killer once and for all.  Ben Horne is held for the murder but learns that Catherine has returned with the alibi he needs.  Lucy sits down with Andy and Dick to discuss the future of her child.  With more of Laura’s secret diary revealed, Agent Cooper makes a last ditch effort to find Laura’s killer…and the truth will be revealed!

twin peaks season 2 episode 10 dispute between brothers major briggs cooper camping kyle maclachlan don davis

“Dispute Between Brothers”

2.10     Dispute Between Brothers Airdate:  12/08/90

Leland Palmer is dead, and Laura’s murder has been solved.  Nadine returns to school to fulfil her delusion of being a cheerleader.  Agent Cooper faces disciplinary charges for his actions in Canada, but his old enemy Jean Renault has his own plans for him.  Hank works to blackmail Ernie into working for him, and Norma learns a secret about her mother’s visit.  Harry finds a surprising late night visitor to his home as Agent Cooper and Major Briggs have a strange encounter on a late night fishing trip.

twin peaks season 2 episode 11 masked ball dennis denise bryson david duchovny transgender

“Masked Ball”

2.11     Masked Ball Airdate:  12/15/90

Cooper questions the disappearance of Major Briggs and learns of the mythology of the White Lodge and the Black Lodge.  Catherine has come out of hiding and has her own hidden secret.  Agent Dennis Bryson (David Duchovny) comes to Twin Peaks to look at the drug charges facing Cooper but has a surprise of his own for his old friend.  Nadine continues to go to high school and reveals to Donna her secret crush.  Andy and Dick continue to vie for Lucy’s affection and find being a Big Brother could be the answer.  Josie explains the reason behind her disappearance and goes to Catherine for mercy.

twin peaks season 2 episode 12 the black widow lana hawk robyn lively michael horse

“The Black Widow”

2.12     The Black Widow Airdate:  01/12/91

The marriage between Dougie Milford (Tony Jay) and Lana (Robyn Lively) has gone afoul, but Lucy discovers Lana’s charm seems to spread to every man.  Agent Cooper tries to find a new rental house in Twin Peaks but finds evidence at Dead Dog Farm that could clear him.  Bobby Briggs begins working for Ben Horne, and Audrey discovers the evidence he uncovers could be the key to helping Cooper.  Andy and Dick continue to work with Nicky Needleman (Joshua Harris) and learn that Nicky’s past could be a problem from his social worker (Molly Shannon).  A storm rages in Twin Peaks and brings a surprising return.

twin peaks season 2 episode 13 checkmate evelyne james marshall annette mccarthy


2.13     Checkmate Airdate:  01/19/91

Major Briggs is back and he comes with a warning about his investigation into the White Lodge.  As Bobby finds his dream career with Ben Horne dissolving with Ben’s mental state, Shelly discovers Leo might not be as braindead as everyone thinks.  Andy and Dick go on a mission to discover the truth about Nicky’s past.  Norma and Ed’s rekindled romance could prove dangerous when Hank finds out, and James becomes an unwitting pawn of Evelyn (Annette McCarthy) and her “brother” Malcolm (Nicholas Love).  Truman tries to get Josie out from under Catherine’s control, but Catherine has her own plans for Ben Horne.  A drug bust to clear Cooper’s name turns dangerous, but Cooper discovers his old enemy Windom Earle (Kenneth Welsh) could finally have arrived in Twin Peaks.

twin peaks season 2 episode 14 double play ben horne confederate soldier richard beymer

“Double Play”

2.14     Double Play Airdate:  02/02/91

Leo is out of his comatose state, and it could be a problem for Shelly and Bobby.  James’ involvement with Evelyn turns deadly as Donna sets out to find him.  Major Briggs warns Cooper and Truman that the Air Force might not be their allies in the search for the White Lodge and is forced into the shadows.  Lana’s “curse” is tested as Mayor Dwayne Milford (John Boylan) demands vengeance for the death of his brother.  Jerry returns to Twin Peaks to find his brother’s state deteriorating while Dr. Hayward (Warren Frost) tries to lay to rest Andy and Dick’s concerns about Nicky’s past.   With Windom now in Twin Peaks, the danger toward Agent Cooper is growing.

twin peaks season 2 episode 15 slaves and masters nadine ed norma bed wendy robie peggy lipton everett mcgill

“Slaves and Masters”

2.15     Slaves and Masters Airdate:  02/09/91

Leo is a slave of Windom and finds himself forced to do his bidding.  Cooper enlists Pete in his game against Windom and finds evidence that Josie might not be all that she says she is.  Norma and Ed (Everett McGill) take their relationship to the next level but discover that their plans could change when Nadine finds out.  Dr. Jacoby decides to push Ben to the limit and enlists Bobby, Audrey, and Jerry to help him.  James and Donna try to free James from Evelyn and Malcolm’s trap, and the results could be fatal.

twin peaks season 2 episode 16 the condemned woman josie joan chen

“The Condemned Woman”

2.16     The Condemned Woman Airdate:  02/16/91

Cooper tries to thwart Windom’s next move with the help of Pete’s chess skills, but Windom targets his next victim by trying to choose between Shelly, Audrey, and Donna.  Hank attempts to deal with Truman on his parole violation but gets a shock from Norma.  Audrey discovers Jack Justice Wheeler (Billy Zane) has come to town in a last ditch effort to save Great Northern Lodge from Catherine with the help of the pine weasel.  Josie finds herself being squeezed from all sides with both Thomas Eckhardt (David Warner) and the resurrected Andrew Packard (Dan O’Herlihy) threatening to kill her while Albert Rosenfield encourages Cooper to bring Josie for his shooting.  With Truman trying to save her, Josie must make a decision.

twin peaks season 2 episode 17 wounds and scars jack audrey billy zane sherilyn fenn

“Wounds and Scars”

2.17     Wounds and Scars Airdate:  03/28/91

Windom continues to stalk his victims and realizes Agent Cooper has help on his chess game.  Norma’s sister Annie (Heather Graham) comes to Twin Peaks from the convent as Norma and Ed try to move forward with their relationship.  Truman deals with Josie’s death but becomes the target of Ms. Jones (Brenda Strong) who has Eckhardt’s interests in line.  A fashion show to save the pine weasel at the Great Northern Lodge doesn’t go as planned.

twin peaks season 2 episode 18 on the wings of love owl cave cooper hawk truman andy bronson

“On the Wings of Love”

2.18     On the Wings of Love Airdate:  04/04/91

Truman survives an assassination attempt by Ms. Jones but questions why he’s become a target.  Windom continues to plot to pick his next victim and discovers that Cooper’s boss Gordon has come to reinstate Cooper to the FBI.  Donna spies on her mother and learns that there is a secret involving Ben Horne.  Gordon finds Shelly’s voice has a magic effect on him while Cooper begins to develop a relationship with Annie.  When Cooper learns of a connection between the Log Lady’s tattoo and Major Brigg’s tattoo, a trip to Owl Cave could uncover new mysteries.

twin peaks season 2 episode 19 variations on relations rusty tomasky ted raimi

“Variations on Relations”

2.19     Variations on Relations Airdate:  04/11/91

Cooper spends more time with Annie which attracts the attention of Windom.  Donna questions her mother and father about her mother’s relationship with Ben.  Lana decides she wants to win the Ms. Twin Peaks contest and asks Dwayne for help while Lucy finds a growing rivalry with her.  Jack discovers he’s falling in love with Audrey and questions if she feels the same.  As Cooper tries to fit the pieces together, Windom finds a new victim named Rusty Tomasky (Ted Raimi) to up the ante of the game.

twin peaks season 2 episode 20 the path to the black lodge annie cooper heather graham kyle maclachlan

“The Path to the Black Lodge”

2.20     The Path to the Black Lodge Airdate:  04/18/91

Windom has killed again, and Cooper realizes he’s changing the game.  Cooper finds himself spending more and more time with Annie as Audrey discovers her own love in Jack.  Donna searches for the truth about her mother’s relationship with Ben Horne.  Attempts to find Windom’s ties to Project Blue Book with Major Brigg hits a snag when Brigg goes for a walk in the woods.  Windom finds the key to the Black Lodge as Cooper’s visions warn of impending doom.

twin peaks season 2 episode 21 miss twin peaks cast

“Miss Twin Peaks”

2.21     Miss Twin Peaks Airdate:  06/10/91

Leo makes a big sacrifice in an effort to help Shelly.  Andy works to decode the cave painting and seeks the door to the Black Lodge.  Catherine, Andrew, and Pete try to open the box left by Eckhardt and find it contains a mysterious key.  Windom’s spying technique is uncovered, and Truman and Cooper realize that time is running out.  Lucy makes a big decision about the future of her child while Donna confronts Ben Horne about her mother.  The 20th Miss Twin Peaks begins, and Windom has a plan.

twin peaks season 2 episode 22 beyond life and death ending cooper possessed bob kyle maclachlan

“Beyond Life and Death”

2.22     Beyond Life and Death Airdate:  06/10/91

Windom Earle has taken Annie to the Black Lodge and Cooper must find her before it is too late.  The attack at the Miss Twin Peaks pageant has a chilling effect on Norma and Ed’s relationship as Nadine tries to recover.  Donna confronts Ben Horne, but her father’s actions could change everything.  Audrey sets out in another step to protect her father’s assets as the lodge by taking on the Twin Peaks Bank, but the arrival of Pete and Andrew could lead to an explosive situation.  Discovering the location of the Black Lodge, Agent Cooper sets out for a confrontation that could change everything.

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