Trip with the Teacher (1975)

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Movie Name:  Trip with the Teacher

Studio:  United Filmmakers Organization

Genre(s):  Horror/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  March 1975

MPAA Rating:  R


I don’t know if I should drink…being kidnapped and all…

A school trip runs into trouble when their bus breaks down in the desert.  A psychotic motorcyclist named Al (Zalman King) and his brother Pete (Robert Porter) haul the bus to a remote cabin to rape and murder the girls.  The girl’s only hope could be their teacher Miss Tenny (Brenda Fogarty) who is determined to bring the girls home safe and a motorcycle rider named  Jay (Robert Gribbin) who has vowed to protect the girls from Al.

Written and directed by Earl Barton, Trip with the Teacher also went by the title of Deadly Field Trip and Kiss the Teacher…Goodbye.  The movie is in public domain and often can be found in multi-movie packs.

The ’70s were big on “hot girls in danger” type of movies.  The characters only seem to be able to help themselves to a point before men must step in and rescue them…and this is true in this film as well.  Trip with the Teacher is grindhouse at its basic level.


Yeah…I’m pretty bad ass.

The plot for the movie is pretty ridiculous.  The students (who are way too old to be high school students) are travelling in a small group with their teacher to explore the Southwest.  Of course, they encounter “evil” bikers, and of course, these bikers just happen to find them when their bus breaks down.  The movie is far too long for what occurs in the movie and it feels like too much set-up.

You really expect some X-Rated stuff for what Trip with the Teacher implies.  The movie itself really isn’t good enough to stand on its own so salacious actions by the characters would liven it up…unfortunately, there isn’t enough of this.  Once the characters get to the abandoned cabin, you are left waiting for something to happen.  There are a few moments (like the death of one of the girls) that do leave you somewhat shocked…but the characters all end up smiling and laughing at the end so if they aren’t affected, why should the viewer be?


I know some of you were raped and a few of your friends died…but wasn’t this a good trip?

Visuals, the movie is rather cheaply made.  It would be interesting to see a “good” copy of this film, but primarily low grade versions of the film are floating around the internet and mass produced for buyers.  The movie has that dirty, gritty ’70s feel to it, but it also isn’t very clean in most transfers.

I got Trip with the Teacher in a collection and figured it was going to be the type of movie that kind of feels filthy but also is a bit of a thriller.  That would be an appropriate assessment of the movie.  It feels like a low-rent version of The Last House on the Left and does really attempt to be anything more.  If you want basic grindhouse movies, check out Trip with the Teacher.

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