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7.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
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Fun, crazy jumps, great controls

Insanely hard

Game Info

Game Name:  Trials HD

Developer(s):  RedLynx

Publisher(s):  Microsoft Game Studios/Ubisoft

Platform(s):  Xbox 360/PC

Genre(s):  Sports/Racing/Strategy

Release Date(s):  August 12, 2009 (Xbox 360)/March 22, 2013 (PC)

ESRB Rating:  T


This does not look good…

Pick your motorcycle, rev up the engine and get ready to be unleashed on some of the strangest tracks in the world.  You’ll face death and destruction as you motor through the challenging and sometimes literally explosive tracks that will send you looping and flying through the dark and dangerous warehouses and tunnels.

Trials HD is a downloadable game available on Xbox Live Arcade and also part of a compilation disc which includes the award winning Limbo and ‘Splosion Man.  The game was well received and a big seller on Xbox Live.  The game has two downloadable add-ons in the Trials HD Big Pack and the Trials HD Big Thrills Pack.


Yep…you hit the wall…literally

Trials HD is for the Xbox 360 and PCs what Excitebike was for the NES.  I spent hours and hours playing those ridiculous courses in Excitebike and thought they were sometimes challenging…Trials HD would have blown my mind in that aspect.

The game is insanely hard.  It starts out fine and you are lured into believing that you’ll make it through every track in one try…I kept resetting early on so I would get the gold for each course…then I finished Easy mode.  The game really spikes in difficulty and becomes ridiculously difficult rather quickly.  It took me by surprise how it went from a no-fault level to levels that might take twenty or thirty tries (if not more).


Riding the tires!

Despite the difficulty of the game, I find myself strangely drawn to Trials HD.  It probably has to do with the handle-ability of the motorcycles.  You get a real feel for the motorcycles quickly and  they are quite responsible.  It is in this responsive nature that it is sometimes frustrating.  You think you’re changing your approach but success and failure could just be a slight release of the gas.

The game also has some decent online content.  As a creator, you can make your own crazy tracks (another thing that reminded me of Excitebike) and share them.  With some extreme combinations, the creator mode really needs to be played with a lot to get it down in any great measure.

Trials HD is worth checking out if you are a fan.  I do recommend the combo pack with Trials HD, Limbo, and ‘Splosion Man (that is the route I took).  Each game in the collection is fun and worth a relatively low price, plus if you don’t end up like one, hopefully you’ll like the others.  Trials HD was followed by Trials Evolution in 2012.

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