Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)

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6.5 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
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Goes back to the basics, changes up series

Still not a great film like the original

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Movie Name: Tremors 4:  The Legend Begins

Studio:  Universal Pictures

Genre(s):  Action/Adventure/Western/Horror

Release Date(s):  January 2, 2004

MPAA Rating:  PG-13


We were told there would be punch & pie…

The town of Rejection is withering away with the closing of their silver mine after a series of deaths.  Hiram Gummer (Michael Gross) has come to Rejection to get the mine going again in a last ditch effort to save his business.  Unfortunately, the miners have released monsters into Rejection.  The Graboids are back (for the first time) and Rejection has become a buffet for them.

Directed by S.S. Wilson, Tremors 4:  The Legend Begins is a prequel to the action horror series Tremors.  Following Tremors 3:  Back to Perfection in 2001, Tremors 4:  The Legend Begin was a made-for-TV movie which first aired on the Sci-Fi channel on January 2, 2004.  The movie was met with average to positive reviews.


You’ll never learn to shoot…

Tremors was a really enjoyable film.  Tremors 2 wasn’t very good.  I liked aspects of Tremors 3 and throwback to the first film.  The problem with Tremors was that it was losing the appeal of the original.  This Tremors once again was a throwback to the first movie and benefited from being more original than some of the other sequels.

The movie basically went the route of Back to the Future III.  By turning the film into a Western, it made things “all new and different”.  The plot however really wasn’t that new or different (the biggest difference was that this Hiram wasn’t a gun nut like his descendants).  The movie however still is fun and moves…but it still doesn’t equal the first film.

Burt was always the fun part of Tremors, but it felt like a little of his character went a long way in the sequels.  Michael Gross was unlikely casting in the first Tremors straight off of Family Ties, but he worked.  Here, he’s become very comfortable with the character and despite playing a different version of “Burt” he slides into the role.


Eat gun!

The movie doesn’t look horrible for a made-for-TV movie, but the Tremors don’t need a lot to look good.  The first film was relatively low budget and still worked.  I didn’t like the heavier CGI aspects of the sequels and it is good that they went back to basics in this movie.

Tremors 4:  The Legend Begins is a rather solid sequel despite easily being a cheap sequel.  Though it is solid, that doesn’t mean it is very good, but it isn’t a complete waste of time like many of the straight-to-TV wares that the networks often peddle.  The Graboids do return in Tremors 5:  Bloodlines released in 2015.

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