Top 10—Book 2

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8.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 9/10

Great story, great art

Weaker than Top 10—Book 1

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Top 10

Publisher: America’s Best Comics

Writer: Alan Moore

Artist:  Gene Ha/Zander Cannon

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2002


Top 10 #8

Reprints Top 10 #8-12 (June 2000-October 2001).  M’rrgla has been captured but the 10th Precinct learns that her powerful friends might be able to get the murderer off through a technicality.  As King Peacock fights for his life on an alien planet, the real danger to the officers might be right within their ranks.  Plus, the death of a popular officer leads to a new robot officer joining the force…just in time to investigate a possible sex-trafficking ring involving a popular superhero group.

Written by Alan Moore, Top 10—Book 2 with Top 10—Book 1 composes what is known as Top 10—Season 1 which has also been collected in an Absolute edition.  The comic was part of the America’s Best Comics line (ABC) which was purchased by WildStorm and now falls under DC Comics.

Top 10—Book 2 is great, but not as good as Top 10—Book 1.  It feels like Top 10—Book 1 cut off a bit during the meat of the story which this volume picks up, but Top 10—Book 2 feels a bit disjointed in the end with a few issues that almost feel like stand-alones.


Top 10 #12

It also is a bummer reading these issues and knowing that there is going to be little more development for the fun characters due to the series’ sporadic output since the end of “Season 1”.  I really would love more mini-series or continuing series involving this world and the characters that Moore invented…I have Leave It to Chance flashbacks which was another series which ended unceremoniously.

Gene Ha and Zander Cannon really breathe life into Top 10.  The writing is strong, but all the fun of the art is great.  You get tons of cameos and checking out shots is half the fun.  In scenes in this book you get characters from DC’s Dream, Man-Bat, and Dawnstar to Marvel’s Nightmare, Exiles, and Northstar and Aurora all the way to the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Astro Boy, and Marvin the Martian…the fun is looking to see new people and characters.  Plus you get the great Science Animals Secret Crisis-War Crossover…with Galactapuss!

Top 10 was my favorite of the ABC line and I loved the characters.  Following this volume, a series called Smax followed up the story of Smax having to go home…unfortunately, it is no longer in print but used copies still float around.  Top 10 did return in a one-shot called Top 10:  The Forty-Niners and a couple of series which did not involve Alan Moore.

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