Three’s Company—Season 1

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Season 1 Intro

Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers) need a new roommate.  When they find Jack Tripper (John Ritter) asleep in their bathtub after a party, their problems are solved:  Jack needs a place and Chrissy and Janet need someone to cook for them.  Their big problem however is their landlord Stanley Roper (Norman Fell).  Despite his wife Helen Roper (Audra Lindley) trying to temper him, Janet and Chrissy have to convince Mr. Roper to allow Jack to live with them.  When Janet and Chrissy decide to convince Mr. Roper that Jack is gay, the con is on.

Three’s Company aired on ABC and based on the British show Man About the House (which aired from 1973-1976).  The first season was a mid-season replacement and only had six issues which aired from March 15, 1977 to April 21, 1977.  It’s famous opening song “Three’s Company Too” was performed by Ray Charles (not THE Ray Charles) and Julia Rinker.


“Come & Knock on Our Door”

The series is actually pretty progressive.  The whole “Jack is gay” theme and some of the jokes surrounding it would have had issues at points today, but in the ’70s it was about impossible for the show to really talk about gay issues.  Since that wasn’t allowed, it is fun to watch them skirt around the issues with innuendo jokes.

The other aspect in the series which is a bit different earlier in the show is Chrissy is a bit smarter and less pratfalls from Jack.  Chrissy is still a ditz, but she gets dumber as her character goes on.  The “smarter” Chrissy is actually kind of entertaining.  It makes it a bit more realistic that Jack could be attracted to her over Janet since she has looks and isn’t an idiot.  Jack on his part is also doing a lot of physical comedy, but not as much as later on in the show’s life.

Three’s Company was a clever series, especially early on.  The show is rather smartly written, but it also is almost a format for a three camera show in front of a studio audience.  It was something that was creative, yet also seemed like standard fare.  It was a shame that show had to be destroyed by internal bickering.  It is a fun to watch as a flashback…Mrs. Roper sure held the market on muumuus.

Threes Company—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“A Man About the House”

1.1       A Man About the House Airdate:  03/15/77

Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers) wake up after a going away party for their roommate to find an aspiring cook named Jack Tripper (John Ritter) asleep in their bathtub.  When they see this as an opportunity to fill their vacant room, Janet and Chrissy must find a way to get Jack as a roommate with their nosy landlords Mr. Roper (Norman Fell) and Mrs. Roper (Audra Lindley).


“And Mother Makes Four”

1.2       And Mother Makes Four Airdate:  03/24/77

Under the Ropers’ belief that he is gay, Jack moves in with Chrissy and Janet.  Chrissy worries about her mother and father finding out that Jack is living with them and learns her mother (Priscilla Morrill) is visiting from Fresno.  Janet takes Jack to the Regal Beagle where Mrs. Roper learns Jack’s secret.  When Chrissy’s mother decides to stay for the night, Jack must hide.


“Roper’s Niece”

1.3       Roper’s Niece Airdate:  03/31/77

Mr. Roper’s niece Karen (Kristina Hart) is visiting and Mrs. Roper convinces Mr. Roper to have Jack take her out since he’s gay.  Jack agrees when he sees Karen, and Janet gets mad when Jack skips her birthday for his date.  When Mr. Roper catches Jack making out with Karen, Jack might face being thrown out.


“No Children, No Dogs”

1.4       No Children, No Dogs Airdate:  04/07/77

Mrs. Roper reveals it is going to be her and Mr. Roper’s 20th anniversary and she doesn’t think Mr. Roper isn’t going to remember.  Chrissy deals with a boss with roving hands and finds her chronic sleepwalking is back.  Jack’s friend Larry Dallas (Richard Kline) convinces Jack to take a dog, but Jack learns Mr. Roper doesn’t permit dogs.


“Jack the Giant Killer”

1.5       Jack the Giant Killer Airdate:  04/14/77

Jack finds himself shamed at the Regal Beagle when a man criticizes his manliness.  Jack finds himself on the defense and has to find a way to prove himself.


“It’s Only Money”

1.6       It’s Only Money Airdate:  04/21/77

Jack and Janet find the apartment open and find their rent gone.  Jack, Janet, and Chrissy realize they have to hide from Roper and Mr. Roper gets mad that the kids are ducking out on him.

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