Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

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Thor when he was young, better Sif and Warriors Three than the movie

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Movie Name: Thor:  Tales of Asgard

Studio: Marvel Animation

Genre(s): Animated/Comic Book/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): May 17, 2011

MPAA Rating: Not Rated


Take up the sword, Thor!

Before he wielded the hammer, Thor wielded a sword.  Thor learns that he’s being coddled by his father Odin as he tries to grow to be a warrior and with Loki steals away on the Warriors Three’s ship.  When Loki and Thor discover the Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun have been embellishing their adventures, Thor suggests that they actually try to find the Sword of Surtur in the land of the Frost Giants.  Thor’s actions accidentally spark a war and Thor is about to discover that the Sword of Surtur is too dangerous for anyone to wield.


We’ll always be friends forever…won’t we Loki?

Directed by Sam Liu, Thor:  Tales of Asgard was released just after the big screen adaptation of Thor in 2011 by Marvel Animation.  The film followed the animated Planet Hulk in 2010 and was the final film in the collaboration with Lions Gate.  The movie features the voice work by Matthew Wolf (Thor), Tara Strong (Sif), Rick Gomez (Loki), Alistair Abell (Fandral), Paul Dobson (Hogun), Brent Chapman (Volstagg), and Chris Britton (Odin).

I have really enjoyed DC animated movies and feel like they have really captured the feel and action of a comic book.  Like most of the Marvel Animated film projects, this movie is just ok.  The story and acting is average.  I would have really enjoyed it as a child because anything comic book related was awesome but with so many comic book movies and TV shows around now, it doesn’t seem that hard to get a “comic book fix”.


Ok, we were asses in the movie…but better here.

The story choice was smart in that it contrasts the Thor film which focuses on Thor as an adult.  By shifting the focus to childhood, you don’t have to worry about it really matching up with the movie if someone saw only the movie in the theater and has no background on Thor.  The characters in the movie are essentially the same characters presented in the big picture version released in 2011.  In truth, the Warriors Three and Sif actually work better in this version than in the movie where they were kind of obnoxious.

Thor was always an interest to me in the world of Norse mythology and since this film is set in Asgard, the movie is able to dive deeper into that mythology.  While later Thor films like Thor:  The Dark World and Thor:  Ragnarok might have explored more of Asgard, this was a nice dip into the environment.

Thor:  Tales of Asgard is an average movie.  It has good points and bad points, and I don’t know if it measures purchasing.   If you are a fan of Thor and want to expand his universe, you should check it out…for others it is just an average normal TV cartoon.

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