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Comic Name:  Thor (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Dan Jurgens/Jose H.P. Armenta

Artist:  Stuart Immonen/Tom Raney/Joe Bennett/Deon Nuckols

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2011


Thor (2) #45

Reprints Thor (2) #44-50 (February 2002-August 2002).  Odin is dead and now Thor is the Lord of Asgard.  The title hangs heavy over Thor who is fighting to control a world.  Meanwhile on Earth, Jake Olson adjusts to life without Thor and tries to keep Thor’s protégé Thor Girl in check.  When the Grey Gargoyle and Desak decide to attack, Thor must return to Earth and makes a big decision about his division between Earth and Asgard.

Written by Dan Jurgens with Jose H.P. Armenta and featuring art by Stuart Immonen, Tom Raney, Joe Bennett, and Deon Nuckols, Thor:  Lord of Asgard follows Thor:  The Death of Odin.  The volume contains the ’Nuff Said silent issue (part of ’Nuff Said month), a stand-alone issue, and the five part “By Fire Born” storyline.

I have to say, Jurgens’ Thor was one of my favorite Thor periods.  Thor’s restoration to life and binding with Jake Olson once again humanized the god.  Through the previous storyline and this storyline, Thor is once again elevated to an almighty god…but this leads to problems.


Thor (2) #49

Overall, this series is a fun read, but the unfortunate aspect of this storyline is that it is teamed with a rather mundane plotline and a rather lame character in Desak who just seems like he fell out of DC’s New Gods.  The resulting consequences of the story are great with Thor deciding to transport Asgard to Earth, but getting there is a bit tough.  I do not love the Thor/Enchantress storyline that seems to muddle this volume.

The one standout in this collection is the ’Nuff Said issue that kicks off the collection and features the funeral for Odin.  I wasn’t a big fan of the ’Nuff Said month, but this was one of the better entries in that month.  The volume also features a page by page breakdown of the ’Nuff Said issue for those interested in the writing/construction of comic books.

Thor:  Lord of Asgard has some good events that are housed in a rather mundane story.  I still think that Jurgens’ run on Thor was great, but issue to issue it didn’t always succeed.  You can tell in this volume (and other volumes) that Jurgens has a bigger plan for Thor.  This is something I felt the character always lacked as a major powerhouse and it is good to get back to a story that has ramifications for the character.  Thor:  Lord of Asgard was followed by Thor:  Gods on Earth.

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