Thor Epic Collection—Volume 18: The Black Galaxy

thor epic collection volume 18 the black galaxy cover trade paperback tpb
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 7/10

Fun to read classic style comics

Not the most cohesive storyline, very early 1990s

Comic Info

Comic Name: Thor (Volume 1)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer:  Randall Frenz/Tom DeFalco/Ron Frenz/Roy Thomas/Dann Thomas/Gary Barnum

Artist:  Herb Trimpe/Gary Hartle/Ron Frenz/Richard Bennett

# of Issues: 19

Release Date: 2019

thor #425 cover

Thor (1) #425

Reprints Thor (1) Annual #15 and Thor (1) #419-436 (July 1990-September 1991).  Thor is not himself these days.  Sharing a body with Eric Masterson, Thor tries to balance his life as a hero with Eric’s role as a father and businessman.  When the High Evolutionary begins an experiment in the Black Galaxy, Thor discovers his actions might have ties to the Celestials…which could endanger worlds.  Odinsleep means a change in power in Asgard, and a fateful decision by Thor could change the paths of Thor and Eric forever!

Written by Randall, Frenz, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Gary Barnum, Thor Epic Collection—Volume 18:  The Black Galaxy is a Marvel superhero comic book collection.  Following Thor Epic Collection—Volume 17:  In Mortal Flesh, the volume features art by Herb Trimpe, Gary Hartle, Ron Frenz, and Richard Bennett.  Issues in the collection were also featured in Thor:  The Black Galaxy Saga and Thor:  Thunderstrike.

I read Thor:  The Black Galaxy Saga before picking up this epic collection.  The period is very 1990s, and this has the weird transition to more modern style of comic book to the classic comic books that predate the change in style.  Thor Epic Collection—Volume 18:  The Black Galaxy is a clunky, chunky part of the Thor run.

thor #435 cover gun

Thor (1) #435

The Epic Collections are very long, and most stories at this time weren’t thought about for collections.  As a result, the story is more just a chunk of Thor.  While the Black Galaxy story is a rather defined storyline, the following issues are just random happenings of Thor.  They don’t really feel like a complete storyline, but it is nice (for those who grew up in the period) to read a more traditional comic book that isn’t necessarily six issue arcs.  I still commend the Epic Collections as a means to read quality made big runs of series.

The volume is primarily a big change up for Thor.  The story is a big set-up for Loki to “banish” Thor.  Through his actions Thor is forced to break Odin’s law, and as a result, Odin is forced to order Thor banished.  The following issue features Eric Masterson having the powers of Thor, but still having his own mind.  It was a nice change for the comic and an attempt to humanize the god.  The comic sets up future issue in which Eric is adjusting to being Thor (and much future issues where Eric becomes Thunderstrike).

Thor Epic Collection—Volume 18:  The Black Galaxy is a mixed bag with fun stuff like the Eric Masterson/Thor relationship but so-so 1990s stuff like the Kirby-esque Code:  Blue (the bland superhuman task force meant to deal with threats).  For Thor completists, it is a must, but for casual fans, you can probably skip it.

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