The Thing Classic—Volume 1

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Comic Name:   The Thing (Volume 1)

Publisher:   Marvel Comics

Writer:   John Byrne

Artist:   Ron Wilson

# of Issues:  10

Release Date:  2011

thing #1 cover john byrne art marvel comics

The Thing #1

Reprints The Thing (1) #1-10 (July 1983-April 1984). Ben Grimm is at a crossroads. A trip to Yancy Street has him questioning his place as someone in the community and the constant attacks on the Fantastic Four has put people he loves like Alicia in danger. When Reed and Sue question stepping back from the Fantastic Four, Thing wonders if it is time for him to strike out on his own…but the arrival of a strange structure in Central Park could change the life of the Thing and other heroes forever!

Written by John Byrne, The Thing Classic—Volume 1 collects the first ten issues of the Thing’s solo comic from the ’80s. The series replaced Marvel Two-In-One and the collection leads into the twelve issue Secret Wars limited series. The comic features art by Ron Wilson.

I really enjoyed Marvel Two-In-One. It was a fun series where tons of weird and random characters (especially in the last part of the series) teamed-up with Thing. I thought it was more fun than Marvel Team-Up and was disappointed to see it end. The Thing solo book isn’t quite what I wanted, but it still is fun.

The series primarily are one-offs or two issue storylines. Thing just plays the “morose” character through most of the ten issues and comes off as a bit of a sad sack with no one (like the FF or guest stars) to balance him out. There are a few guests in She-Hulk, Spider-Man, and Wonder Man (in his classic red coat outfit…my favorite) and of course the FF shows up on occasion, but the series as a whole doesn’t seem to have much direction.

thing #5 cover ron wilson art wonder man she-hulk spider-man

The Thing #5

What really stands out in this volume is the final issue. Thing and the other heroes of New York go to Central Park to find out what has materialized there…and promptly disappear. Secret Wars was a big event when I was first starting to read comic and I love this period of time. It is always fun to read how the event started (the series next issues just generally started after the events of Secret Wars). Thing really finds its direction with the next storyline…for better or worse.

The art for the comic is rather classic ’80s comic art. Ron Wilson draws a traditional Thing (though I kind of like the modified possessed Thing from issues #8-9). Wilson’s art isn’t edgy or experimental, but sometimes that is ok.

I loved Byrne’s run on Fantastic Four, but The Thing always seemed like a bit of a side thought. It is nice to go back and fill in some of the holes for issues I never read, but the issues themselves aren’t that great. I’d still take a series like this over a current Thing series and wish writers could pinpoint what makes some of these stories connect great to the readers. For me, it is continuity and consistency…something that is lacking the current comic book world.  The Thing Classic—Volume 1 is followed by The Thing Classic—Volume 2.

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