The X-Files—Season 10 Volume 1

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Comic Name:  The X-Files—Season 10

Publisher:  IDW

Writer:  Joe Harris

Artist:  Michael Walsh

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2013


The X-Files—Season 10 #1 Variant

Reprints The X-Files—Season 10 #1-5 (June 2013-October 2013).  When the X-Files are breached, Agent Dana Scully and Agent Fox Mulder find themselves pulled back into the life they thought they put behind them.  With a danger to Dana’s child William, Mulder and Scully call upon their old allies and face old enemies when a potential alien invasion threatens Earth…but what does the government know about the plot?  The truth is out there!

Written by Joe Harris and illustrated by Michael Walsh, The X-Files—Season 10 is the long awaited continuation to The X-Files TV series.  The season follows the events of The X-Files—Season 9 which ended on May 19, 2002 and the stand alone 2008 motion picture The X-Files:  I Want to Believe.  The series was well received upon its release by fans and critics and each issue featured multiple variant covers.

I loved The X-Files and was very excited by The X-Files’ return.  The X-Files:  I Want to Believe was a bit of a disappointment due to the “Monster of the Week” theme of the film, but here with The X-Files—Season 10, The X-Files are back in their glory and geekiness!

The X-Files had hit a bit of a slump when it ended in 2002 with both Gillain Anderson and David Duchovny taking back seats in the season to characters of Agent Doggett and Agent Monica Reyes who both first appeared in The X-Files—Season 8.  While I didn’t mind Doggett much, Reyes kind of got on my nerves and made the show a bit harder to watch.  The best thing about this new comic series is that actor contracts, script debates, and character development have no factor in the stories…you just get pure X-Files.


The X-Files—Season 10 #4 Variant

Though I preferred the original team of Mulder and Scully, I was a bit disappointed to see both Doggett and Reyes get treated a little poorly in this volume.  I have to assume that both characters will come back in later issues, but I wanted a bit more from their appearances here.  The other storylines rectified in this volume include the return of the Lone Gunmen (who went out a bit like chumps after their own series folded) and the return of the Cigarette Smoking Man.  It was great to have the “old team” gathered, and I look forward to see where they go with them.

Unlike The X-Files:  I Want to Believe, the story is more tied to the core X-Files mythos with aliens and government conspiracy.  It can be a bit difficult to follow for novice readers and catching up on The X-Files—Season 1 through 9 is recommended if you want to jump into the comic without ruining anything (and frankly to understand it).  I have seen a majority of The X-Files and still was lost at times.

The X-Files—Season 10 Volume 1 is a must if you were a fan of the old show.  I hope it gets people interested in The X-Files again and reports from both Anderson and Duchovny that they would be interested in another movie hopefully means that the series will return to the screen in some form (even a NetFlix season would be good…probably even better).  Until then, you can enjoy The X-Files—Season 10…it is worth diving into the unexplained once again.

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