The Walking Dead 7: The Calm Before

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Comic Name: The Walking Dead

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Charlie Adlard

# of Issues: 6

Release Date:  2007


The Walking Dead #37

Reprints The Walking Dead #37-42 (May 2007-September 2007). Lori feels guilt about her relationship with Shane and concerns that Rick might not be the father of her baby. The survivors try to get back to normal life but realize they need to prepare for an invasion by Woodbury. Lori gets ready for the baby’s birth and another survivor suffers a shocking death.

Written by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead Volume 7:  The Calm Before is an Image Comics collection.  Following The Walking Dead Volume 6:  This Sorrowful Life, the comic features art by Charlie Adlard.  The issues in this collection were also collected as part of The Walking Dead Omnibus—Volume 2 and The Walking Dead Compendium—Volume 2.

This is another strong volume of The Walking Dead and what The Walking Dead should be about. The cartoon feel of the Woodbury issues left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and made the comic book feel more like a comic book. I think The Walking Dead works best when it is about day to day life in a post-apocalyptic world that just happens to be filled with zombies…not comic book villains. Of course, Woodbury rears its ugly head again at the end of this collection.


The Walking Dead #41

The deaths (and maimings) in this issue feel like they make sense and Glenn and Maggie’s relationship is a bright spot in the dim world that is presented (so I’m sure it will end in tragedy). Dale’s brush with death actually a bit worrisome since he is a fan favorite, but it seems like Carol’s wishy-washy behavior had worn thin and it was more of a “it’s about time” moment involving her demise.

Part of the problem I have with early volumes of the series is that it is sometimes hard to distinguish the characters since it is a black-and-white comic and no one is wearing costumes.  Fortunately, by this volume the characters are starting to get fleshed out and it is becoming easier to tell the characters apart…of course in the world of The Walking Dead, they may not last long.

The Walking Dead continues to develop, and it has its ups and downs. In my opinion, this volume is more of an “up” and I hope Kirkman sticks more to this style of writing for the survivors. I don’t expect them to be happy, but I do expect them to have to avoid the zombie cliches that are presented in movies by this point (aka the invasion of outside survivors trying to take their stuff). The Governor’s return as a hacked-up, sewn together human zombie however indicates that it probably won’t be the case.  The Walking Dead continues in The Walking Dead 8: Made to Suffer.

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