The Walking Dead 5: The Best Defense

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Smart use of riot gear

The Governor and Micchone feel too comic-booky in a

Comic Info

Comic Name: The Walking Dead

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Charlie Adlard

# of Issues: 6

Release Date:  2006


The Walking Dead #25

Reprints The Walking Dead #25-30 (January 2006-August 2006). The survivors work to clear out more of the prison and discover a stockpile of riot gear. Carol admits her feelings for Rick and Lori and crosses the line. Dale and Andrea find themselves in a new role and take over as parents of Allen’s children. When a helicopter crashes near the prison, Rick, Michonne, and Glenn go to investigate and discover the town of Woodbury. Rick, Michonne, and Glenn find they are prisoners of a town ruled by the Governor and that the Governor has plans for their prison.

Following the events of The Walking Dead Volume 4: The Heart’s Desire, Robert Kirkman continues his story of survival with Charlie Adlard’s art. Just when it seems like things are settling down for the survivors, the introduction of Woodbury adds a different direction for the story…It also takes the story a direction, I could never see the TV show going (at least this early).  This series of comic books has been collected multiple times in different versions.


The Walking Dead #30

Woodbury and the General are pretty much what gets this series going at this point. The other survivors kind of fall to the wayside once you’ve introduced a maniacal killer who rules a town and sets up zombie fights. Kirkman wisely tries to give the General depth by adding that he takes care of his daughter who has turned into a zombie…it is set up in this volume but not expanded on much.

As mentioned however, with the General, the series loses a bit of its charm and feels more “comic-booky”. It stops being about the survivors and turns into a story about this crazed man. The rape of Michonne and loping off of Rick’s hand are shocking, but the stuff about Allen’s kids, Carol’s confusion, and just general day-to-day survival seem more what the series should be about.

One thing about The Walking Dead is that it keeps moving. If there is something happening that you don’t like, chances are it soon will be over. The General and Woodbury does have a lot of effect on a number of issues after this and a last effect on the survivors. The Walking Dead continues in The Walking Dead 6: The Sorrowful Life.

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