The Walking Dead 2: Miles Behind Us

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More development of characters

Virtually two stories and neither story feels fully developed

Comic Info

Comic Name: The Walking Dead

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Charlie Adlard

# of Issues: 6

Release Date:  November 2004

walking dead #7 cover review

The Walking Dead #7

Reprints The Walking Dead #7-12 (April 2004-September 2004).  The survivors decide it is time to leave Atlanta after the death of Shane and meet another group of survivors led by a man named Tyreese.  When Rick and Tyreese’s group find a gated community, they realize this could be their chance to quit running.  When the danger of the community is revealed, the survivors find refuge in a farmhouse owned by a man named Hershel Green, but Hershel and his family have a secret in their barn.

Written by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead Volume 2:  Miles Behind Us is an Image Comics horror comic book collection.  Following The Walking Dead Volume 1:  Days Gone Bye, the comic book series is illustrated by Charlie Adlard who takes over for Tony Moore.  The issues in the collection have been collected multiple times including The Walking Dead Omnibus—Volume 1 and The Walking Dead Compendium—Volume 1 along with various reprints.

The Walking Dead is a series that both is like its TV adaptation and vastly different from the TV adaptation.  Both versions have merit.  The series here feels like it is just finding its feet and the shocking death of Shane at the end of The Walking Dead #6 shows how big a difference there is from the popular television series.

walking dead #9 cover review

The Walking Dead #9

The series continues to develop the survivors and introduce even more survivors in Tyreese’s group and Hershel’s family.  There are a bit too many characters at this point and with the black & white illustrations, many of the characters blend together.  This does hinder things at points, but overall it isn’t that big of a problem.

This story is almost split into two segments:  the first with the gated community and the second with Hershel farm.  The gated community part has some fun moments, but it is over a bit too soon.  Likewise, Hershel’s family should be extended a bit, but it feels like that Kirkman really just wants to get the survivors to the prison.

The Walking Dead trudges on, but the comic is still figuring out what it is exactly about.  Is it typical horror or is it an exploration of typical horror?  Like much of this zombie comic book series, issues can’t really be skipped so this is a necessary stop on the journey.  Check out The Walking Dead…even if you are just a fan of the show…and start at the beginning.  The Walking Dead 2:  Miles Behind Us was followed by The Walking Dead 3:  Safety Behind Bars.

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